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Shinya Tajima reflects on his SEO career and shares SEO tips

Seo Tips

Shinya Tajima reflects on his SEO career and shares SEO tips


Shinya Tajima is the founding father of Search Engine Theory, a search engine optimization and online advertising and marketing corporation that focuses on presenting digital advertising for individuals and corporations. The firm cares about handing over true, ethical SEO offerings in an internet world that’s packed with spam.

What is your background in virtual advertising? What motivated you to run Search Engine Theory?

My history in digital advertising and marketing began once I changed into in Japan working as a web blogger. My blog that I posted become geared closer to individuals who have been inquisitive about analyzing the English language. I had no concept what Search Engine Optimization was and I determined myself struggling. I wanted to get a better rank in Google and have my blog be the first aspect to seem first.

I left Japan and studied Digital Marketing at the University of California, Irvine. After I graduated, I started to work for a digital advertising firm.

Here, I found out the search engine marketing strategies and I determined to educate search engine marketing to Japanese bloggers. In Japan, we aren’t taught about Search Engine Optimization, as that is something that we would have to analyze by trial-and-mistakes. I wanted to assist my fellow bloggers in Japan, so I decided to create an internet site that supplied practical SEO guidelines to help them increase Search Engine Optimization.

What motivates me to run Search Engine Theory is the simple fact of increasing site visitors glide and having my content seem first. I keep in mind myself to be very outcomes-driven.

How humans can get their website at the top of Google seek effects? Are there special techniques?

I sense just like the primary device that is useful in order for people to get their websites at the pinnacle ranking of Google search consequences is understanding that Google makes use of their very own algorithm to decide who could be inside the better-ranking. There are a variety of policies in relation to the ranking maximum in Google. The maximum crucial factors are related to inbound links, the purpose of keyword, web page velocity, person enjoy on a web page, content and numerous technical search engine marketing specs.

Google updates their algorithms every few months and Google is getting a whole lot smarter than it used to be. From my personal studies, search engine optimization professionals used a way that could cheat Google. This led to fake rankings which allowed their web pages to be on the pinnacle of Google search results.Image result for Shinya Tajima reflects on his SEO career and shares SEO tips

The easiest way to get to the top of Google seek consequences is to create noteworthy content material and promote it. In the long term, you should spend plenty of time developing beneficial, shareable, and in-depth content. That could obviously earn back-links. It might take time for Google compare your content, however, your content will be the pinnacle of Google search outcomes if it affords precisely what your audience is looking for.

Do Google and different search engines like google and yahoo trade the manner to expose the SEO results? What are the maximum latest traits in SEO?

Yes, Bing and different search engines like google do not have the complicated algorithms as Google does. That method Google can discern out person motive, consumer experience, relevant key phrases, and many others. Unfortunately, on the subject of the alternative search engines, you have to deliver them a touch extra statistics for them to recognize your content.

More and more people are the usage of Google as a search engine option, maximum of your Google optimization efforts will paintings properly for the opposite serps and you must be cautious when you operate Google.

I could say the latest traits in search engine marketing is the rise of Google search result pages. For instance, Google started out to expose wealthy snippets, paid results, commonplace results and understanding graph. One has to remember those capabilities on the subject of getting the visitors for your internet site due to the fact these features get the maximum interest from organic listings.

Google can apprehend the user cause thoroughly so it’s miles extremely essential to assume why certain listings are at the pinnacle of the search engine end result pages.

Is there a distinction of doing SEO for websites based on WordPress? What is involved inside the manner of search engine optimization?

In reaction to that question, I in my view can’t say if WordPress is the first-rate search engine marketing website platform. However, from my personal reviews using WordPress works properly for SEO, in particular in case you are an amateur. WordPress has HTML pages which can be effortlessly comprehensible by using search engines like Google and has also SEO pleasant permalinks. You also can install plugins which enhance your internet site speed and may perform search engine optimization obligations a lot extra effectively.

WordPress can contend with pretty a good deal the whole thing in regards to search engine optimization. This will make sure which you do now not ought to fear about whatever. You can save greater time and recognition on your content material creations. If you want to rank better in Google for a prolonged quantity of time, you need to comply with Google’s recommendations.Image result for Shinya Tajima reflects on his SEO career and shares SEO tips

Google attempts to dispose of spam and could supply the maximum applicable effects to customers. The SEO well-known procedure consists of the following; key-word research, On and Off-web page SEO, and measurement of results. Google changes their algorithms every few months. The search engine marketing strategies you can have followed inside the past won’t work right now.

It is extraordinarily critical to preserve up with your expertise about the present day happenings within the SEO industry.

How are you making plans on increasing your commercial enterprise in the future?

I plan on expanding my business within the destiny as follows by means of focusing on search engine optimization specifically for Google. In doing so I see that more humans are the use of YouTube as an outlet to become better informed approximately topics like this.

YouTube has been gaining the reputation in which customers are utilising it for statistics. This has no longer only gained popularity but has turn out to be the second biggest search engine inside the world.

I individually watch YouTube and I absolutely recognize why this is a popular search engine for users. I want to jump at the YouTube bandwagon and produce noteworthy content material for my customers to look at. I understand Google and YouTube are completely exceptional and I know that I cannot use search engine marketing approaches for YouTube.

However, YouTube videos utilize optimization similar to any other internet site. People utilize the YouTube search engine bar to search for topics of Interest. Therefore the purpose here is to make certain that the keywords that they’re typing in seem first.

As an SEO Analyst, It is my responsibility to boom the possibilities of someone’s content material appearing first in both Google and YouTube.

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