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Windsor police video campaign brings humour to internet safety education

Windsor police video campaign brings humour to internet safety education


Don’t reply to that creepy message! Listen to Officer Red Flag, kids. He’s the main individual of a funny new Windsor police instructional video approximately internet safety and online predators.

DAWSON CHEN, WINDSOR STAR Updated: December 6, 2018. An image from a new Windsor police video approximately net protection – proposing Officer Red Flag (Niko Lorkovich), who attempts to warn a younger girl (Julia Pastorius) approximately the dangers of online interactions. COURTESY OF WINDSOR POLICE SERVICE / WINDSOR STAR


Young internet customers! Do you already know the hazard signs and symptoms for your online interactions? Officer Red Flag is here to assist. The flag-waving, whistle-blowing, uniformed character is the hero of a humorous new educational video from Windsor police, intended to elevate the consciousness of the want for internet protection. In the video, Officer Red Flag tries to warn an adolescent girl approximately her communications via pc and mobile phone with someone who calls himself “Timmy.”

“Zero mutual pals? Fake profile image? Creepy messages?” Officer Red Flag says with developing a problem. “Oh, items already! That’s a purple flag.” Officer Red Flag attempts to forestall the girl from sending selfies to “Timmy,” however, she nonetheless ends up agreeing to a “brilliant duper by myself” assembly with her mysterious online admirer.

Of path, “Timmy” is a mustachioed adult guy with a bowl haircut and unwholesome intentions. Officer Red Flag saves the day by way of intervening with a flying address. Windsor police spokesman Sgt. Steve Betteridge stated Officer Red Flag is an actor, and the video is professional manufacturing that changed into uniquely made for Windsor police. “There is some comedy in there to hold the viewer targeted,” Betteridge said. “But, glaringly, it’s a serious topic at the quiet of the day.”

Online predators

The video was created through Josh Spadafora, Nikko Ocampo, and Joe Lacharite of AXLE Films, a Windsor-based production organization. Spadafora — the son of a retired Windsor police officer — got up with the Officer Red Flag idea, with production design via Emily Eansor. Actor Niko Lorkovich took the role of the vigilant flag-waving cop, Julia Pastorius played the naive lady, and Kenny Piasecki portrayed the poorly-groomed “Timmy.”

Windsor police are hoping to spread Officer Red Flag’s message with the hashtag #OfficerRedFlag. While the video is aimed at kids and young adults, Windsor police remind dad and mom, guardians, and caregivers that net protection must be discussed in any family. According to police, offenders frequently misrepresent themselves online — making it vitally important to educate younger net and social media customers about situations in the video. Anyone with suspicions approximately an internet interplay of this nature can name the Windsor police Internet Child Exploitation Unit at 519-255-6700 ext. 4896.

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