Bangladesh slows down mobile internet speeds ahead of election

DHAKA: Bangladesh has ordered the shutdown of excessive-speed cellular net offerings beforehand of this weekend’s countrywide election, the Daily Star stated on Friday citing an e-mail sent to cell operators with the aid of the telecom authority.

The newspaper said humans the usage of the internet on their phones could now not be capable of circulating or upload pictures or motion pictures after the order changed into issued overdue on Thursday by using the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Reuters could not reach BTRC officers on Friday, a public excursion in Bangladesh, and there has been no notification on the fee’s website. However, a Reuters reporter should nevertheless use 4G services on his smartphone on Friday morning. Speed is the key to ensuring you may be as green and efficient as feasible. It’s also vital if you want to run the latest software program and applications. But every so often a variety of factors can affect your computer’s performance and make it tougher and more time-eating to complete even the only responsibilities. Luckily, there are many methods to either boom your computer’s pace or take away the barriers which might be stopping it from appearing as much as its capability. Here are some hints and tricks which can assist you to get returned on top of things.Image result for Bangladesh slows down mobile internet speeds ahead of election


In some cases, a sluggish laptop will be the result of full hard power. Computers now not most effective use onboard memory (RAM) to run software program and packages, they also can use portions of the difficult pressure. If you’re jogging out of garage space, then your pc won’t have to get entry to those extra assets and you may notice a lower in velocity as a result. It’s smooth to find a few unneeded documents and documents to delete, but you may also be able to delete entire applications in case your company doesn’t use them anymore. Windows has a built-in tool called Disk Cleanup that will help you find non-critical files to delete. On Windows 7, visit the Start menu and click on All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Disk Cleanup. It will let you know how lots area you could unfasten up. You also have the option to look at what it wants to delete, so it might not automatically take away important files. When an in any other case respectable pc begins walking slowly, you need to also take a look at to look if there are any programs going for walks in the heritage. Some programs begin going for walks inside the background as soon as you switch in your pc, preventing unnecessary packages from doing this could additionally assist your PC’s velocity.


Some of those applications jogging inside the historical past may want to actually be viruses. Many malicious packages appear like legitimate packages and so that you may not understand them before everything. Malware, adware, and other viruses can slow down your computer similarly to posing a security threat, so it’s a good idea to run an anti-virus experiment if your computer is not as efficient as it is able to be. There are many anti-virus applications available and some of them are loose. We suggest searching online to discover the latest variations from their authentic resources or from professional vendors; don’t click to download what looks proper without checking it out first. Also, check out person critiques wherever viable to make certain that (1) the software program works nicely and (2) the present day model is as a minimum as correct as what came earlier than it, due to the fact from time to time an awesome software name can take an unexpected flip for the worst. When there are unfastened and paid variations of an anti-malware answer to be had, try the free version first to ensure it’s going to function the manner you expect.Image result for Bangladesh slows down mobile internet speeds ahead of election


If you have already attempted cleansing your hard pressure and scanning for viruses but your computer nonetheless isn’t always as speedy as you want, there are some unfastened equipment you could attempt which could help. One of these gear is known as Windows Ready-Boost, which uses extra memory from flash drives or memory cards to increase the velocity of your Windows Vista/7 laptop.

All you need is a flash drive or memory card with as a minimum 1GB of loose space (encouraged) that may be dedicated to Ready-Boost. After you connect it on your laptop and set it up, Ready-Boost will use that more memory to run software and programs. Some memory gadgets indicate at the packaging that they will work with Ready-Boost.


Something you can not, first of all, think about whilst you first note your computer is slowing down is whether or now not the working machine and all of the software programs is updated. Software agencies release normal updates for their products, and many running structures have downloadable provider packs that may improve performance and can even assist your laptop use sources greater effectively. There may be some conditions in which an update won’t help due to the fact your operating system is truly previous. If your business enterprise makes use of the modern-day and greatest software program or you have been the use of the same OS for extra than four or five years, it is able to be time for an upgrade. This is a superb opportunity for changing complete laptop structures if you understand your hardware is able to go for walks the software and programs your company needs.


If you’ve got exhausted all other options, then the cause on your computer’s sluggish-down may be hardware-related. All software titles show the minimal and recommended gadget requirements so as for them to run to your pc. If computing device’s specs don’t match up, then it can be feasible to improve additives. Systems employees may be able to install extra RAM, pix cards, or different components in ageing structures. However, in case your laptop is five or greater years old, it can now not be well matched with certain components and new elements might not do enough to growth performance. And it is not clean or feasible to upgrade laptops. In that case, it can be time to put money into new structures that have today’s hardware, software, and OS.


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