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Kangaroo Motion Sensor review: This home security system only goes halfway

Kangaroo Motion Sensor review: This home security system only goes halfway


Motion sensors are a crucial thing of any home safety gadget. But in Kangaroo’s current ecosystem, movement sensors are the most effective element. On the upside, you don’t want an important hub because the sensors join without delay for your Wi-Fi network. What’s more, an unmarried motion sensor can cowl a whole room, saving you from the fee of installing door/window sensors on every door and window leading into the room. On the drawback, you received’t be notified of intruders in your property till they’re already in your own home. And you get no safety at all while you’re at domestic.

You’ll need to install an app on your telephone (Android and iOS are supported) to receive messages from the sensors, and you can invite 0.33 parties—consisting of a neighbor—that will help you display your own home by using typing their cellular cell phone numbers into the app. Kangaroo will send them an invitation, and they’ll also want to put it in the app (you ought to ask them if they’re willing to do that for you in advance of time).

kangaroo app

Michael Brown, You’ll arm and disarm the sensors from the app’s home display screen. You’ll additionally see notifications here. Under the free self-monitoring plan, Kangaroo will ship push notifications to the app to your cell phone and to whoever has commonplace your invitation to help. A paid subscription—$9 according to the month or $60 in step with yr—unlocks several additional features, such as a professional tracking provider (extra on that in a chunk).

Professionally monitored safety systems commonly qualify you for a reduction in your homeowners’ coverage, and Kangaroo says it’s going to help you acquire that out of your coverage provider. The remaining gain included with the subscription plan is Amazon Alexa integration (Google Assistant and IFTTT integration are inside the works).


  • Installation and usage
    System integration, or the lack thereof
    Cheap, but now not less expensive
    Installation and usage

Kangaroo’s motion sensors are tremendously compact gadgets (three. Fifty five x 1. Fifty five x zero.7 inches) that function on two AA batteries (covered). They include two-way adhesive pads on the returned for peel-and-stick setup. I’ve never encountered an adhesive that lasted for extremely long. The movement sensor I mounted in my storage fell off after only a month of summertime warmth (Kangaroo quotes them for indoor use most effective. However, I don’t do this, not forget the garage to be exterior).


That said, the unit I mounted in residence remained set up till I took it down at the top of my review. Kangaroo helpfully provides wooden screws for a more secure installation. However, there’s the simplest one predrilled hole on the removable again that faces the wall. I would advocate drilling one above that to prevent the pinnacle-heavy sensor from pivoting down.

Actually, Kangaroo suggests mounting its motion detectors vertically, with the sensor at the bottom. But if you have pets, it recommends mounting them with the sensor on the top to keep away from fake alarms (the agency says the movement detector will forget about transferring gadgets up to two-ft, four-inches excessive). The sensor itself detects motion up to fifteen ft away, with a one hundred twenty-diploma area of view.

During installation, you call every sensor in step with the room it’s installed in, and you offer your avenue address and call quantity thru the app. A supplemental subject within the home address section labeled “Notes for authorities” allows you to provide records they could locate helpful once they respond to a name. I entered the code for my electric gate in this area. Kangaroo indicates different eventualities, too, such as an aged or disabled person in the home or if there’s a key beneath the welcome mat.

Kangaroo disarm

Michael BrownIf you leave out the textual content message the subscription provider sends when a sensor detects motion, you’ll get a phone call from a live human. The machine is prepared to use as soon as your sensors are hooked up and registered within the app. To arm the system, swipe right on the app’s domestic screen. This will initiate a ten-minute countdown to allow you to leave your property without placing off the motion detectors. There is presently no manner to put off this countdown. You must pick to spark off the sensors after you’ve already closed the door at the back of you.

Since Kangaroo doesn’t have some other form of sensors, there’s no “domestic” and “away” mode. “Away” mode is all you get. You wouldn’t want the movement sensors energetic at the same time as you’re at home unless they’re mounted in rooms you don’t routinely move into (the garage, maybe?). I suppose you can subject yourself to don’t forget to disarm the sensors while you do move in the one’s rooms, but that’s not very sensible. As it exists nowadays, this safety system can provide the best guard to your own home while you’re long gone.


When a sensor is tripped, you’re notified through push notification to the app on the unfastened plan, where a “name 911” button is displayed. With the subscription plan, you’ll get a push notification and/or a text message. Subscribers also get a robocall. In all cases, you can slide a button to disarm the device if you decide it’s a fake alarm. If you’re a subscriber and don’t take any action, a consultant will call you to invite you if the entirety is OK. If you don’t respond to that call, the monitoring carrier will notify the police.

System integration, or The dearth thereof

As I stated earlier, Alexa integration (and Google Assistant, sooner or later) is protected with a paid subscription, and IFTTT integration is in the works. But that’s as far as Kangaroo goes. You can’t combine with SmartThings or any of the alternative services or products, and that includes sirens, door/window sensors, and protection cameras. Kangaroo is operating on the new products for the primary categories, however not the 0.33.

Sirens may be helpful because they draw interest to your house—something no intruder desires. Personally, I like to have the loudest siren I can get, inside the hope the noise will pressure the intruder out. In the absence of door/window sensors, you may unknowingly leave one or extra of them open whilst you leave, giving an intruder an easy get admission to point.

But the absence of a safety camera guide is this gadget’s largest shortcoming: Considering that the police departments in many jurisdictions problem fines for false alarms, how assured will you experience calling 911 based solely on a motion sensor being induced?

Kangaroo sensor 2 Michael Brown

Kangaroo Motion Sensors have a 120-diploma subject of view and 15-foot variety. You may want to deploy 0.33-birthday party protection cameras in the rooms where the movement detectors are set up. However, you’d need to launch a separate app to get admission to the ones’ feeds, hoping to see something spark off the alarm. But there’s no guarantee the camera’s motion sensor might be tripped using the same event that sparked off the motion detector. A greater strong and better-included security system will trigger all your protection cameras to file, supplying you with the best danger of seeing what’s going on and what happened.

Cheap, but not cheaper

Cash-strapped house owners would possibly don’t forget a $30 self-monitored motion sensor to be a good buy, and the subscription fee for expert monitoring is the most inexpensive I’ve seen. But this gadget’s biggest problem is that it offers clearly no protection whilst you’re in your home, and the expert monitoring plans for a few complete DIY home protection structures don’t cost a great deal more than Kangaroo is charging. A $199 Ring Alarm kit, for instance, consists of one motion sensor, one door/window sensor, a siren, and extra, and it may be incorporated with Ring’s video doorbells and indoor/out of doors security cameras. Ring’s non-obligatory expert monitoring option charges $10 in step with month. That consists of mobile radio backup if you lose your broadband connection, plus a cloud garage for a limitless range of Ring cameras.

Kangaroo has numerous different weaknesses as nicely. The app doesn’t maintain an event log, so any history of motion detection is erased as soon as you clean your smartphone notifications. And there’s no geofencing function, so you’ll need to recall to arm the gadget each time you go away and disarm it every time you come back. Bottom line: Kangaroo is a reasonably-priced domestic security device, but it doesn’t offer much price.

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