Making savings the fashion

THIS National Savings Month, Sanlam is tackling the low charge of saving by way of launching a constrained-version fashion accessory with a distinction.

The Man Nam bracelet – designed in collaboration with one of South Africa’s top fashion designers, Laduma Ngxokolo – includes a QR code to scan, enabling you to store instantly. The goal is to make it as clean to keep cash as it is to spend it.

Yegs Ramiah, the leader executive of Sanlam Brand, says it’s miles imperative that South Africans are influenced to alternate their financial conduct. “Talking approximately finances and financial savings may be a low-hobby region for a variety of humans. By making our financial savings tool beautiful, and by teaming up with excessive-profile people, we are hoping to grab people’s interest in a singular manner.”

We are dwelling in a global surrounded with the aid of numerous things that are either associated with the technology, the latest gadgets or the modern fashion. And Fashion these days has made its importance felt in nearly all sectors of life. Fashion can be termed into two organisations: One institution which follows style trends and adopts them and the opposite group who create fashion and style statements for the others to follow them. It can also be extended to another set of individuals who not often have something to do with fashion trends but yet comply with their personal fashion to create their very own precise character; including one greater style to the style international.

There are myriad varieties of style, and developments hold on changing with the seasons. From the early 60s and 70s to the prevailing millennium, there was an immense trade in the bureaucracy, looks and mind about style developments.

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In India, a good deal of fashion has been stimulated by means of the Hindi Film Industry, popularly called Bollywood. The developments which have modified through time may be pretty seen inside the movies made at some stage in the 60s and 70s and the way they have advanced in diverse bureaucracy bringing approximately a fashion that can be observed with the aid of most people. People have aped the west from very early times and this becomes no exception. The garments made inside the 60s and 70s were very a lot motivated through the western nations and given a traditional contact. The Bell Bottoms, scarves and the hair style become very plenty standard in the one’s days as an icon of fashion. Later in the 80s and 90s, Fashion international sizzled like by no means earlier than. There changed into a craving by the human beings to look different, elegant and modern and this may be seen in their outlook toward their outfit, new types of hair, makeup, accessories like purses, rings, necklaces, matching shoes etc.

Today fashion, artwork, music, designers, dance and many others all have a place within the industry and people can choose to absorb something associated with this industry as their profession too. Art and tune have long been implemented within the faculty co-curricular activities and the Higher schools are now supplying diverse courses for better professionalism in those regions. There also are numerous appearing schools and the small display screen i.E., the tv has spread out avenues in bringing out the talent within the young minds thru several platforms of track and dance. This is the innovation of the millennium in developing jobs and work within the style enterprise. The tendencies that we see are added about by way of the style houses which have ordinary seasons to exhibit their invention, a lot of which are popularised in FTV, Zee Trendz and TLC channels. We can also get a glimpse of the fashionable outfits thru these shows that the models gift. Today, Modelling is likewise one of the structures for an entry into the arena of favour.

This trade in a mindset of the general public became very well taken through the fashionistas and a big marketplace was created to meet the needs of the general public. Today fashion creates a new appearance with awesome style for a particular individual and maintains oneself up to date with the present day traits visible inside the marketplace. This enterprise is popular for its glamour as well as the aggregate of Indian tradition and tradition placed into the clothier wear that the fashions showcase.

Always there’s a wish for the designers that the adolescents need a change inside the fashion and are satisfied to maintain up the trend with a fusion of Indian and western blend of stylish wear. Also, the youngsters of these days are very practical in their sense of styling for a selected occasion. Be it a party or for a marriage or the informal appearance, they want the first-rate and that they trust in searching the pleasant. And to obtain this, people go one step in advance in making sure that they have the entirety of their cloth wardrobe for any sort of occasion.

Apart from the fashionable garments and fashion that is presently popular humans want to try some thing that is going on the side of their outlook. So the marketplace began in the direction of the very personal friend of a woman- The Hand Bag or the Purse. The Fresh appearance of a purse with mind-blowing colorations and its fashionable capabilities just like the chain deal with or the jazzy zips with numerous wallet in specific shapes attracted the general public like by no means before. And with the increasing call for of the costs of branded purses, it became an ought to for every lady to finish her shopping. So did the opposite accessories line up by way of creating an area for themselves within the market? Just some to quote, the earring and necklaces, the numerous Belts, hand bracelets and brooch, the stiletto and its amazing embroidered, celebration wear slippers along side its brotherly excessive rugged shoes giving a really perfect cowboy look etc.

Fashion has usually been a very thrilling topic for all girls and now the fashion has even challenged the men to compete for an extra appealing look for a notable destiny within the world of Fashion to make it a full fledged applicable aspect for all genre of human beings.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Without A Doubt

There are a few different types of drug tests administered for various reasons, but if you’re from North America, the most likely reason you’ll face for being submitted to a drug test is sadly just to keep your job. Despite the ever changing attitude and perception of cannabis smokers across the world, some countries like The United States continue to allow businesses and companies to test their employees for illicit drug use and terminate their employment based on positive results. Don’t even get me started about how irrational and immature it is to fire somebody just because they enjoy to smoke a joint or two on the weekends. Someone could make a total ass of themselves every weekend spending hundreds on alcoholic beverages at clubs and making questionable decisions like it it was their job, but they’d have nothing to fear when taking the mandated drug test at work. It’s not fair, but it’s how the world works for the moment. This article will focus on how to pass a hair follicle drug test no matter what, but there are other types of drug tests so make sure you find out which kind you should be worried for.
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Strategic Shaving

    This should only be considered an option by super heavy smokers who probably have no other method they could rely on. For more infrequent users, there is another way, but if you need absolute certainty that you’ll get away with this because it’s your dream job, then listen up. If you go the route of shaving all the hair off your body, you can’t exactly do it the night before the drug test. That’s because if you show up without a single hair on your body, the exam practitioners will have nothing to test. So, they’ll simply send you away and tell you to submit a different sample to be analyzed, like saliva, urine, or blood, instead. Now you have a creepy hairless body and a whole other drug test to worry about. Your best bet is to shave all the hair off your body a good 4 or 5 days before the test. This way your hair has a bit of time to grow back out and there will technically be enough there to be tested. The hardest part about this plan is actually just being able to walk in with a straight face and maintaining that you spontaneously decided to entirely shave your body recently for some other reason totally unrelated to the drug test.

Cruising at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

Packed in on the second one ground of the Eagle, the New York leather bar that has served as a watering hole for the metropolis’s homosexual community because of the Seventies, the leader government of the Council of Fashion Designers of America stood patiently.

Steven Kolb, the pinnacle of the organization, turned into watching for the begin of menswear dressmaker Willy Chavarria’s modern collection. In a room that normally smelled of acrid draft beer, frankincense was burning. White lilies, orchids, and hydrangeas coated the bar.

It was an iconic place and a run from the staid, white washed areas which have served as the primary tent for New York Fashion Week: Men’s for the reason that CFDA first dedicated time at the calendar for menswear in 2015. This season Raf Simons took the style literati to Chinatown. Ditto Hugo Boss at the South Street Seaport.

This changed into no longer the Palais de Tokyo or Grand Palais in Paris, or even the Park Avenue Armory uptown, locations which have proved enduring backdrops season after season. This turned into gritty New York, and it labored for the huge swath of up and coming designers whose following within the town has no longer constantly traveled overseas.

“We’ve started out to cut back that and look to the city because of the venue,” Mr. Kolb said of the diminishing use of a massive commercial area on New York’s West Side Highway. “The connection to the town is some thing we want. We’ve hit a stride.”

It is a self-belief that most designers — bar Simons — should use, especially after a wave of angst pushed collections a season previous. The then of-the-moment T-shirts with catchphrases like “Make America New York” had been stale no longer long once they popped up in fashion designer collections week after week.

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Instead, it seems, that angst has given manner to melancholy: an off-once more on-again temper that has permeated liberal bastions like New York for the reason that election of Donald Trump. Simons, in recreating Blade Runner’s pivotal animal market scene, bedecked models with umbrellas, wide brimmed solar hats and black rubber boots. It changed into now not a dystopian destiny looking ahead to us, the fashion designer became telling us, however, one that had already arrived.

Simons is an auteur alone on the New York calendar. For spring summer 2018 he became to a number of the lovely outsized collegiate sweaters that stood out from his fall collection, layering them over oxfords with contrasting geometric shoulder appliqué. Models appeared shapeless underneath massive trench coats and tunics.

“Who ought to say New York could be a standout without Raf Simons,” stated Roopal Patel, the style director of Saks Fifth Avenue. “He’s helping to redefine what New York men’s style is.”

It turned into a concept upsetting exercising (even if it turned into unsightly) and a pleasant damage from what was visible again and again on the catwalks and at displays over the week. Most of the younger designers here do now not have the financial wherewithal to riff with fabric like Simons. That regularly leads to simple, however forgetful sportswear. Sure it is able to promote — like a number of the exceptional silk paintings shirts with leopard motifs from Ovadia & Sons or nautical-stimulated suiting at Boss — however, it does now not leave an enduring imprint.

For that, like Kolb, you needed to cruise with Chavarria. The collection, titled “Cruising”, was a play on Lowriding culture and the kind of thing you may do if left on my own at the Eagle for some hours. Chavarria, who grew up in California’s San Joaquin Valley, stated there was nonetheless “plenty of anger” after the election, however that for the time he wanted “romance”. Where else to reveal than here.

For Patel, that’s what made the New York shows relevant. “The guys are breaking greater policies than what we’re accustomed to from the women’s shows.”
Writing part of the PTE Academic tests the potential of a candidate to produce written English in an educational environment. It calls for you to do duties. One is summarising written textual content and the other one is writing an essay. Total time allocated for this part relies upon at the combination of responsibilities given. Each summarizing written challenge is to be completed inside 10 mins and 20 mins are given for writing an essay. A candidate is needed to strive both responsibilities in fashionable educational English the usage of correct grammar and spelling. One spelling conference must be used constantly all through.

Summarizing written textual content: In this venture type a candidate is meant to write down the summary of the given text in only one sentence. The content material of the text will be about academic subjects. You won’t be familiar with the topics supplied however all statistics you need to finish the assignment is contained in the passage. The text length would be as much as three hundred phrases and you have to deliver the reaction within 10 minutes.

Your response to this challenge can be judged on how properly the key points are supplied and at the content, form, grammar, and vocabulary used. Your precise ought to not misread the subject or cause of the passage. Using an appropriate sentence structure which includes principal clause and subordinate clause and focussing on the use of appropriate vocabulary and effective use of synonyms are pretty critical to fetch true score.

Write essay:


Candidates’ key capabilities tested in this mission kind are writing for a cause, supporting an opinion with info, examples or motives, establishing sentences and paragraphs in a logical manner, developing complex thoughts using phrases and phrases appropriate to the context, the use of correct grammar and spelling. For this, you want to understand what precisely the requirements of the essay are. You can be requested both to agree/disagree, argue for or against an opinion, describe a state of affairs, answer a query, speak benefits/negative aspects and so on.

Before beginning to write it’s far beneficial for a candidate to devise the content material of your essay with the aid of noting any useful ideas, terms or phrases on the erasable observe board e-book provided. Organize your thoughts into businesses, series them the usage of cohesive phrases and test the plan towards the essay prompt. Keep song of the time and go away 2-3 minutes in the end for revising and proofreading. This plan can be cited write the essay inside the stipulated time.


What Colette’s Closure Means for Fashion

PARIS, France — On Wednesday morning, Colette, the cult store and temple of Parisian cool, announced it’s near its doors in December, after twenty years in business. Saint Laurent is stated to be in discussions to take over Colette’s iconic Rue Saint-Honoré vicinity.

“As all accurate things ought to come to a quiet, after 20 tremendous years, Colette should be remaining its doors on December 20 of this yr,” the employer said in an announcement. “Colette Roussaux has reached the time when she would really like to take her time, and Colette can’t exist with out Colette.”

Founded in 1997 via Colette Roussaux — who later exceeded the baton to her daughter Sarah Andelman — Colette is one of the style International’s most iconic “idea shops” which became known for its bold excessive-low product blend, selling mounted luxurious manufacturers which include Chanel and Saint Laurent next to rising designers like Sacai and Christopher Kane, in addition to art books, magazines, and era devices. The retailer changed into specially recognized for supporting Japanese designers and “Avenue luxe” labels like Off-White and changed into some thing of a pilgrimage web site all through Paris Fashion Week.

BoF spoke to a handful of industry insiders to gauge their reactions.

Tim Blanks, editor-at-massive of The Business of Fashion

“For two decades, Colette changed into my first forestall in Paris. Always for books. I might look at the whole thing else – I used to buy CDs too – but the books had been continually an education. Corso Como had a similarly strong factor of view. They were clearly pretty complimentary of their interest about things. Still, Colette continually controlled to have what you want earlier than you knew it existed. What the hell will I do now?”

Jefferson Hack, co-founder and editorial director of Dazed Media

Vanessa Friedman, style director and leader style critic of The New York Times

“For me, Colette become part of my fashion training. I started out on this enterprise just a few years after it opened, and for me, it wasn’t a store; it became research center, study room, and textbook multi functional. Every season I would forestall lower back in for a refresher path. And it’s miles totally feature of Sarah and Colette’s technique to their situation that they have left us with one closing lesson — one I suppose many style manufacturers might do nicely to take into account: write your own very last chapter, and do it from a function of power.”

Virgil Abloh, founder and creative director of Off-White

“My partnership with Colette described my profession. Off-White could not exist if Colette did not exist. She turned into definitively the first purchaser to location an order for my logo and the first to do an event. Sarah and Colette championed my emblem and me as a clothier, over 10 years in the past. The significance [of Colette’s closure] to me is that it brings myself to question the state of retail and in which consumers are spending their cash for specialized products. There is a whole lot to examine, yet there may be added some thing to be taught, that could observe to our future fashion enterprise.”

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Lucien Pagès, founder of PR organization Lucien Pagès

“I used to mention that Sarah is one of the geniuses of French style history, in conjunction with Coco Chanel, Pierre Bergé, and Karl Lagerfeld. I even have to say that I experience a bit sad as it’s miles the cease of a generation but I am very fantastic for Sarah’s future and I am looking forward to seeing what Saint Laurent will do. Their vision is particular as is their experience of retail. Nobody has challenged them in Paris, for two decades they were on the top in constantly following their intuition.”

Virginie Mouzat, fashion and lifestyle editor of Vanity Fair France

Chitose Abe, founder and innovative director of Sacai

“This lengthy adventure together based on mutual accept as true with and respect may not exchange. Continuing to be creative and constantly thinking out of the container with out deceiving its lifestyles, [Colette] changed into inside the heart of the historic lifestyle and artwork and fashion. It eventually changed Paris itself.”


“It was the location which represented style to me as a teen, so I am sorry to peer it cross. I am very grateful I will be a part of their story. I will always admire the aid, inspiration, and collaboration of working with Colette. It changed into unbiased, inclusive, inspiring and Sarah took many risks on designers like myself who were stocked in the first actual year of my label. The unashamed mix of the new labels, background labels, road labels, stickers, books, track, people — these kinds of factors which felt sincere is part of what it so special and pioneering.”

Susie Lau, founder Style Bubble
“Colette become sincerely where the concept of the idea shop was born and as a youngster, there was an air of inimitable cool approximately it. I assume I had to paintings up some courage to the undertaking as much as the first floor wherein certainly I couldn’t find the money for whatever however that concept of having the ability to shop for a magazine or a CD on that more approachable ground has been copied copiously. It’s a real surprise because it’s any such group in style, and I sincerely admire Sarah Andelman’s opinion as a consumer and a fashion tastemaker. She actually does see everything and in an industry that often most effective chases populous hype, it is so first rate to peer her truly helping young designers.”

Luke Meier, innovative director of OAMC and Jil Sander

“I am virtually sad with the information that Colette is final its doorways but I’m perpetually thankful and honored to have had their help from my very first season in 2008. I first visited Colette after I was still analyzing and questioned if I might ever make it into promoting there. I became so worried when Sarah first stopped by means of my stand, straight after graduating, that I forgot all my fees. Sarah and her mother Colette are proper visionaries and have created a benchmark for idea shops around the area. There is not any other save that has the strength to drive fashion and release the careers of designers like “Colette”. It fused style and culture in a way that changed into so in sync with our times and pushed boundaries to the factor you’ll think there are none.”

America’s Obsession With the Automobile Is Changing With the Times

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, effective muscle cars with outsized engines had been what clients’ car desires were made of. Fast-ahead to the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, and we entered the gasoline-guzzling section of American consumerism, in which big SUVs like Escalades and Hummers had been the most favorite vehicles on the street.


Today, we’re transferring toward a brand new generation in which conventional car features will take a back seat to software powered services along with advanced driver help structures (ADAS), shared mobility services and, finally, self-sustaining cars. These technology-based advancements are forecasted to significantly affect car enterprise consequences, with analysts predicting 30 percentage sales increases by 2030, amounting to $1.5 trillion.

Clearly, any automaker dismissing technology disruption as a fleeting trend dangers rendering themselves obsolete in the minds of consumers and missing relative to competitors. As the automobile transforms from a tool to transport from point A to factor B right into a virtual lifestyle device, prepare to look a mindset shift affect the automotive industry of the destiny.

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Sparking a revolution.
Instead of being tied down by using monthly automobile bills, handling excessive coverage expenses, or absolutely having to fear about locating lower priced parking, Millennials and Generation Z’ers are swiftly turning to public transportation, automobile-sharing offerings, and experience-sharing services as their number one method of transportation. There has been over 30 percent annual boom in automobile-sharing participants in North America and Germany over the past five years, and a correlating drop in younger people making use of for motive force’s licenses. As these services turn out to be greater sizeable and common, usual car ownership will usually decline and new transportation services and autonomous vehicles will take permanent maintain.

The blessings from this new segment are more than one and fantastically-tangible, including private hours to customers’ day (up ninety five hours a yr in line with driver), and most significantly, saving lives via getting rid of human mistakes on the street (by using 2025 related automobile advanced motive force-help systems (ADAS) is anticipated to store eleven,000 lives, 4,000 of them inside the U.S. By myself).

To continue to be relevant and successful, automakers should absolutely apprehend the impact of an era on the car and smart mobility innovations. Automakers should prepare for such game converting evolutions because the “net of cars” with the intention to include automobile-to-automobile, car-to-infrastructure and even automobile-to-people connectivity and communications. All this automobile connectivity will even increase every other important detail to the destiny of the car industry — records. Automakers and their providers will an increasing number of useful information to assess and improve automobile great, growth operational efficiencies, energy and introduce new services, and create new sales streams through facts monetization for themselves and managed ecosystems.

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Image result for automobile

Technology is riding shotgun.
Digitization, customization, and automation have already revolutionized formerly archaic industries consisting of coverage, banking, and telecommunications. Automotive could be no exception. Imagine sitting in site visitors, but rather than specializing in riding like a conventional automobile, you’re productively checking email or editing a document. Maybe you are including gadgets on your grocery listing due to the fact the car is self-reliant and ready with artificial intelligence (AI) related for your “clever” refrigerator.

Envision a morning whilst upon getting into your automobile, the in-car system notifies you to apply a special direction due to a coincidence. Or on an unexpected heat day, you can remotely activate your lawn sprinkler and house HVAC system at some stage in the nighttime trip home. These eventualities are speedy turning into a reality. In reality, we’ve already seen the early levels, and that they’re simplest the start.

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Innovate or go to pot: automakers pick out wisely.
In a world wherein customers are obsessed on connectivity and having access to well timed, applicable services for the duration of the day — which include whilst driving — the writing is on the wall: automakers need to be “all in” with regards to an era.

To get beforehand, conventional automakers need to double down now on era integration or risk turning into irrelevant within the face of recent competition like Tesla, Uber, Apple, and Google whose awareness is on generation first accompanied by using the nuts and bolts.
MotoMint – Automobile and Car Videos Application
MotoMint is a software targeting the automobile enterprise. It basically fetches automobile and car movies from the world over through the medium of internet. The utility also seems out for the ordinary updates from numerous car producers and offers the information approximately them to the customers within shorter time period. It choices up to the ultra-modern car news, movies, new and antique automobile evaluations and plenty extra from the Internet and gives them without delay on the device for the user’s perusal. He can download this application from the Google shops hyperlink. It is to be had in both iOS8 and Android variations. At present, the iOS8 version has extra features introduced.

Features of MotoMint


This software searches handiest for the top ranked videos from across the worldwide web. For this purpose, it makes use of a brand new idea known as curation. The built-in algorithm curates the films primarily based on the ranking given by means of the global our bodies. Normally, these global rankings depend on the content and the quantity of visits to adjudge the video fine. While displaying the healing movies, the software arranges them underneath exceptional tabs. The tabs devote the data on a selected brand of vehicle in order that viewers don’t get burdened. Moreover, the devoted page in each tab describes only the chosen brands. The application additionally permits the clients to view the YouTube channel on automobiles immediately. By running this manner, the MotoMint application we could consumer to get exact information about diverse updates on events taking place in the international of cars by using great and most-visited films. The utility stores the downloaded motion pictures and saves them below unique folders. This allows the users to peer those videos later in offline mode.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® and AUTOMOBILE Announce Pebble Beach Concours Livestream Presented by Michelin

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2017, /PRNewswire/ — Pebble Beach Concours elegance® and AUTOMOBILE announced details of this 12 months’ Livestream for the Pebble Beach Concours elegance on August 20 at 2 p.M. PST. TEN: The Enthusiast Network returns for the 0.33 12 months because the Official Media Partner for the Concours and could broadcast the awards site at no cost through its currently relaunched AUTOMOBILE emblem on hand at Automobilemag.Com, Motor Trend OnDemand, and on the Automobile magazine playlist within MOTOR TREND’s YouTube channel.

Pebble Beach Concours elegance and AUTOMOBILE Announce Pebble Beach Concours Livestream
Pebble Beach Concours elegance and AUTOMOBILE Announce Pebble Beach Concours Livestream
Pebble Beach Concours Livestream Promo Video
Pebble Beach Concours Livestream Promo Video

Pebble Beach Concours elegance and AUTOMOBILE Announce Pebble Beach Concours LivestreamPebble Beach Concours Livestream Promo Video
Michelin will return as a presenting sponsor of the live stream, at the same time as Mothers® and Alfa Romeo might be partner sponsors for the primary time.

Each 12 months on Concours Sunday, 200 of the most prized collector cars within the global roll onto what’s often known as the fine completing hole in golfing—the famed 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links. Originally a small social occasion paired with a street race through the pine and cypress forests of Pebble Beach, the Pebble Beach Concours Elegance has grown into the pinnacle-rating collector automobile competition in the international. In tandem with the opposition among incredible historical vehicles, the Concours is likewise hosting every 12 months to a number of the world’s most anticipated idea automobiles and new car debuts.

“The automobiles we host right here are stunning, and they deserve the broadest target audience,” said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. “That’s in which our partnerships with TEN and AUTOMOBILE are available—they allow us to percentage these motors and this Concours competition with humans around the world. We’re thankful for his or her innovative efforts and their technical knowledge. We’re additionally grateful for the sponsors who aid this live stream.”

TEN’s International Bureau Chief Angus MacKenzie, American motorsports announcer Bob Varsha, and British race vehicle driving force and veteran broadcaster Alain de Cadenet go back, along side the editors of AUTOMOBILE and MOTOR TREND to once more function hosts for the live stream. As happens every 12 months, unique visitors are expected to feature their information and statement at some stage in the event.

The live stream will even encompass a pre-show phase prior to the coveted awards, showcasing some of the maximum prized collector vehicles on earth. New for this yr could be additional camera insurance from the awards show ramp, supplying a genuinely unique perspective for each prized vehicle, whilst special visitors and celebrities will make appearances in the course of the broadcast to provide remark, insights, and know-how around the cars and occasion.

“We are truly excited to bring the most prized collectible cars in the global to auto lovers of their home for the 1/3 12 months in a row,” says TEN CEO Scott Dickey. “Our live stream hosts provide a unique blend of professional statement on those beautiful, ancient vehicles that supplement and enhance the viewership of the Pebble Beach Concours elegance.”

Image result for automobile

Exclusive Concours elegance coverage could be provided by means of AUTOMOBILE on its internet site throughout the week main as much as and all through the event, with video aired there and on Motor Trend OnDemand and MOTOR TREND’s YouTube Channel. CBS Sports Network may even air a one-hour phase of Concours elegance highlights on September 24, 2017, at 1 p.M. EST.

AUTOMOBILE, a brand of TEN: The Enthusiast Network, is America’s main automotive lifestyle resource, with a total target market of greater than five.7 million across its print, online, and social channels. AUTOMOBILE is home to the annual All-Stars awards and is written for the sophisticated fanatic. For three a long time, AUTOMOBILE has set the standard for car journalism and keeps a devotion to offbeat adventures and an emphasis on #NoBoringCars.

About TEN: The Enthusiast Network
TEN: The Enthusiast Network is the sector’s most useful transmedia community of fanatic manufacturers, such as MOTOR TREND, AUTOMOBILE, HOT ROD, SURFER, TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING, and GRINDTV. With more than 60 websites, 50 courses, 50 annual activities, the Motor Trend OnDemand subscription video-on-demand provider, in addition to the area’s largest automotive and action/journey sports activities media structures, TEN inspires fans to pursue their passions. For more records, visit enthusiastnetwork.Com.

About Pebble Beach Concours elegance
First performed in 1950, Pebble Beach Concours elegance® (www.Pebblebeachconcours.Internet) has grown to be the sector’s most suitable birthday party of the automobile. Only the maximum lovely and historical motors are invited to seem at the famed 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links®, and connoisseurs of art and style collect to admire those masterpieces. Charitable donations raised by using Pebble Beach Concours elegance® now general over $23 million. Related occasions encompass Pebble Beach Tour elegance® offered through Rolex, Pebble Beach RetroAuto™, Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum™ supplied by AIG and TDC, and Pebble Beach® Auctions offered with the aid of Gooding & Company. Pebble Beach®, Pebble Beach Golf Links®, Pebble Beach Concours elegance®, Pebble Beach Tour elegance®, Pebble Beach RetroAuto™, Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum™, and Pebble Beach® Automotive Week are logos, service marks and change get dressed of Pebble Beach Company. All rights reserved.

About Pebble Beach Company
Pebble Beach Company, established in Pebble Beach, Calif., owns and operates the world-famous Pebble Beach Resorts®, consisting of The Lodge at Pebble Beach™, The Inn at Spanish Bay™ and Casa Palmero®. The organization also operates 4 renowned golfing publications: Pebble Beach Golf Links®, Spyglass Hill® Golf Course, The Links at Spanish Bay™ and Del Monte™ Golf Course. It’s different famed houses consist of scenic 17-Mile Drive®, The Spa at Pebble Beach™, Pebble Beach Golf Academy™ and Pebble Beach® Equestrian Center. It annually hosts most suitable events together with the Pebble Beach Concours elegance®, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, TaylorMade Pebble Beach Invitational provided by means of DELL EMC, Pebble Beach Food & Wine and Pure Insurance Championship. Future web page of the 2019 U.S. Open Championship, Pebble Beach Golf Links® has hosted five U.S. Opens, four U.S. Amateurs, one PGA Championship and several different tournaments.

I Tried Dozens Of Beauty Gifts & These Are The Ones I’m Keeping For Myself

Beauty with Mi, hosted by way of Refinery29’s beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan, explores the good new tendencies, treatments, merchandise, and subcultures in the beauty global. Never leave out an episode with the aid of subscribing right here.
Some human beings live for gift-giving season. They begin making a list in early November, and maintain furtive (but thorough) notes of whenever you mention the phrases, I need… Then there are those who dread shopping for others as it’s simply too hard. For the latter, there are masses of present courses crowding the Internet designed to help with the decision-making procedure, or at the least, help you avoid giving a lame present card or a crumpled twenty pressured swiftly into an envelope.
Gift publications are an critical cog within the holiday gadget due to the fact they inform you just the way to spend your cash whilst the alternatives abound. And I’d like to throw my hat within the ring. After weeks of testing dozens of splendor-associated present units, I’ve narrowed them right down to the eight nice. These units, regardless of your budget, might be an tremendous use of your hard-earned money — whether or not you are gifting to a loved one or searching out the right aspect for the excellent character on your existence: you.

Image result for I Tried Dozens Of Beauty Gifts & These Are The Ones I'm Keeping For Myself

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Ouai Three Oaui Kit, $35.00, to be had at Sephora; NARS Wanted Power Pack Lip Kit, $22, to be had at Sephora; C’est Moi Visual Makeup Crayon Set, $17.Fifty nine, to be had at Target; Milk Makeup Meet The Fam Bestsellers Set, $39, to be had at Sephora; Stila Aura Alight Glitter & Glow Highlighter & Liquid Eyeshadow Set, $30, to be had at Sephora; Glow Recipe Edition Watermelon Jelly Tote Set, $35, to be had at Sephora; Nest Birchwood Pine Classic Candle Diffuser Set, $74, available at Nest; Drunk Elephant The Littles, $ninety, to be had at Sephora; Sigma Beauty Essential Makeup Brush Kit Make Me Classy, $125, to be had at Neiman Marcus.
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With so much to be had to shop for humans for Christmas, once in a while it is able to be difficult to pick the proper present. Hair and beauty products make terrific Christmas items, because you could be sure that human beings will respect and use them for some time into the next 12 months.

We all have a tendency to maintain a supply of soaps and shampoos for our beauty regimes, however it’s far more fine if you have some luxury cosmetic and beauty product objects to pamper your self with, flip your bathroom into a personal spa, and relax and unwind. So even though perhaps a beauty present set isn’t always the primary gift idea that springs to thoughts when confronted with so many limitless opportunities, in reality any cosmetic present typically goes down a treat.

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It is not just hair and splendor items for girls that may be observed in beauty shops these days both, there are whole ranges devoted to the men to your lifestyles. From luxury aftershave bottles, to moisturisers, and at Christmas you can also find many beauty sets and kits for haircare, skin care, makeup, bath and shower. In reality with such a lot of hair and splendor Christmas items to choose, you may truely please all of your circle of relatives and pals this way. Why now not make lifestyles smooth on yourself and supply anybody a unique splendor treat for Christmas.

Mum would probably like to spend some extra time soaking in bubbles, dad might be craving that highly-priced aftershave that he has not offered for himself and your little sister, nicely could she now not love to attempt experimenting with a number of the superb makeup sets available? Whatever beauty product you’re looking for, it is simple to evaluate expenses now on-line.

Compare expenses among leading splendor product brands and shops, so you find the satisfactory deal. With it being the Festive Season, there are a whole lot of Christmas hair and splendor gift bargains round. If you aren’t shopping for for a person else, then what approximately treating yourself or shopping the modern-day hair equipment, GHDs, the contemporary ceramic ionic hair driers, there are so many Hair and beauty Christmas present deals to be located, we propose you start bargain looking now!

Benefits Of Henna For Beauty — Shahnaz Husain

The art of henna (mehendi) has become more and more popular in tattoos, hair colouring, and fighting face wrinkles in latest a long time in the splendor enterprise international.

Henna is considered auspicious for the bride all through her wedding ceremony. No competition or wedding is complete with out applying henna on hands. It is believed that the darker the bride’s henna stain or mehendi, the greater her husband loves her. While this will be just an attractive fable, it’s miles a reality that tricky and elaborate patterns of henna look exceptional when the henna stain is dark as opposed to orange. It is getting used more often than not as a herbal hair dye or a brand new decorative shape of hand and foot artwork with the aid of splendor therapists mainly in metro cities.

Homemade facial mask with henna has anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging homes and is best way to deal with oily and getting older skin.

Traditionally henna has been used to color the fingers, toes, nails, and hair. It helps to add attractive highlights to the hair and contributes to its luster and health. It imparts a reddish coloration to white hair but does not coloration black hair.

One of the principle blessings of henna is that it’s far a top notch conditioner for the hair, with defensive and restorative powers. In different phrases, henna may be used to bring returned fitness to damaged hair and repair the herbal acid-alkaline stability to the scalp. Unlike chemical lotions, henna does now not alter the chemical structure of hair. Instead, henna has the capability of coating each hair shaft, thus adding strength, thickness, and body to the hair.

Henna is also a powerful natural cleaner. It cleanses without demanding the natural balances. This is one in every of its greatest advantages. It leaves the hair healthful, smooth, bright and clean to control. One of the fine advantages of the usage of henna is that it is safe because it does now not have any aspect effect. Hence we are able to tag it as nature’s own hair conditioner.

First of all, make certain that the henna powder is of good first-class. Henna leaves are available in powder form. It must be of a stupid inexperienced coloration. Henna leaves a reddish brown colour imprint when carried out to the pores and skin. Henna is used along side extracts of amla, brahmi, bhringaraj, bael, and many others., to repair fitness to the hair and manage hair troubles. You can take a look at henna by using the shade and the typical perfume that henna has. Many human beings are reluctant to use henna thinking that it’ll make the hair dry. Adding elements like yogurt and egg to the henna paste prevents dryness, as each those are nourishing for the hair. If the hair is dry, oil may be brought to the henna paste. Also, wash off the henna with plain water, rather than shampoo, as henna has a powerful cleansing impact.

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The quantity of henna powder for use relies upon on the length of your hair. Add 2 raw eggs, 4 teaspoons lemon juice, 4 teaspoons of coffee powder and enough yogurt to henna paste to make it a thick paste. The density of the paste ought to be of toothpaste-like consistency. If you have got dry hair, upload 2 teaspoons of oil. You can upload natural coconut, olive or almond oils. In reality, sesame seed (til) oil will also be brought. If you wish to keep away from eggs, add greater yogurt to get the preferred consistency.

Amla is stated to govern greying. So, you may upload amla to henna powder. However, henna leaves a reddish brown coloration on white hair, as you already know. It will no longer color dark hair. If you would like to attempt it, you can soak a handful of dry amla in approximately 2 to three cups of water overnight. Next morning, strain the water however do no longer throw the water away. Grind the amla. To the henna powder, upload the floor amla, four teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, 2 raw eggs, 2 teaspoons oil and sufficient amla water, so that the henna mixes into a thick paste. Keep the paste for 2 to three hours after which practice it at the hair, so that the entire head is protected. Keep it on for as a minimum hours and wash off with simple water.

For dandruff and oily hair, upload “tea-water” to the henna paste, along with 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, 2 uncooked eggs, blending it into a thick paste. “Tea water” can be made by means of boiling used tea leaves once more in sufficient water, cooling and straining the liquid. Apply henna on the hair and wash off after an hour. If you do no longer desire to use egg, add more tea water.

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It is satisfactory to put on rubber gloves while making use of henna. Protect your garments by means of placing a towel over your shoulders. You will even want a tail comb to part the hair into sections. Apply the henna on each facets of every segment and wrap it round the pinnacle, till the entire hair is protected. You can put on a plastic bathe cap over this. Leave it on for at least half of an hour and wash off with water. Weekly henna packages will assist to preserve your hair healthy and conditioned.

Winnie Harlow May or May Not be Starting a Beauty Line

Get past two protection strains and a overwhelm of Gucci-clad ladies, and you will arrive at L’Eden with the aid of Perrier-Jouët, a days-lengthy oceanside birthday celebration thrown through the champagne brand and hosted—at the least for a night—with the aid of Winnie Harlow.

Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Teyana Taylor, the 24-yr-antique model has touched down in Miami Beach for the Art Basel honest, together with its limitless parties and #sponcon moments.

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Case in factor: this night, Harlow is the guest DJ for Perrier-Jouët’s wall-to-wall model birthday party, donning gem encrusted headphones and gamely posing with popping bottles.

Is luxury champagne a big sufficient bribe for celeb secrets? Let’s see…

Winnie Harlow
So you’re the DJ this night?
I mean, sort of? I suppose I’m simply ‘curating’ the track this night…

Do you have got another creative job you’d love to do?
I’m genuinely into makeup—doing make-up, checking out makeup, creating make-up. I virtually love beauty merchandise; I usually have. I actually have some thing in the works proper now, certainly, however I can not talk approximately it but.

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Can you talk about your most essential beauty merchandise?
The two matters I won’t go away the house with out are my eyebrows performed and lip gloss. Actually, lip gloss changed into my old flame—greasy, buttery, sparkly lips. That turned into my access into splendor.

Does champagne depend as a beauty product?
Well, it’s stunning! I drink mine ice cold… I love rosé but I also love brut, so I could do either one. I changed into a champagne fan before I started modeling—it’s constantly been a favourite drink.

Winnie Harlow Victoria’s Secret
It’s been a month since the Victoria’s Secret display filmed, and every week since it aired. Now which you’ve had some time to process, how do you feel approximately it?
It still feels surreal. It aired last weekend, and we had the viewing celebration in New York… Watching myself on TV, it felt the precise same manner as whilst we filmed it—just so excited, so in awe of everything.

When you notice photos of yourself on the runway, are you a perfectionist, or just actually satisfied?
I suggest, you can constantly do better; there’s usually room for development. But I become truely pleased with my walk and I experience like I did a absolutely properly process.

Would you want to walk next 12 months?
Who wouldn’t?! Everything become well worth it. I’m even looking at photographs of me a few weeks again—it turned into a month in the past when we walked—and I’m like, “Oh, wow, I really want to move back to the health club.” I haven’t been due to the fact that earlier than the display, and I’m certainly kind of over it. I’ve been eating pasta, ordering cupcakes, everything.

You’re a Leo, however your birthday is in July, so sort of on the cusp. Do you feel 100% lioness?
I’m actually a full-blown Leo but I’m a Cancer rising. That’s why I’m so emotional. So I’m absolutely sincere because of my Leo developments, but then I’m additionally very sensitive due to my Cancer tendencies. And that’s plenty. [Laughing] Those two matters together may be hard!

Made in Hawaii beauty products at Hanalei Beauty Company

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hanalei Beauty Company is a local splendor corporation that makes use of the stunning and herbal resources of Hawaii in its products.

Hanalei’s excellent-dealers are the Sugar Lip Scrib, Lip Treatments and Papaya Cleanser.

The Sugar Lip Scrub gently exfoliates the lips, enables restore dry lips and keeps moisture for supple lips.

It’s currently the satisfactory selling scrub on Amazon.

The Hanalei Lip Treatment incorporates Hawaiian kukui nut oil and shea butter to moisturize and rejuvenate dry lips.

It’s advocated to use after the Sugar Lip Scrub and comes in four sun shades: clean, rose, mauve purple and red.

The Papaya Cleanser is a completely unique powder purifier components, that when activated by using water, it creates a foamy lather.

The papaya enzyme clearly brightens and clarifies complexion and is extraordinary for sensitive pores and skin.

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Hanalei is providing a unique merchandising for our KHON2 visitors.

Starting the following day, December eleven, get 50% off your complete purchase in case you use code KHON50 on the checkout.

If you’re truly concerned about your pores and skin’s health, you want to ensure which you pick out the right kind of herbal makeup products.

The natural merchandise for the skin and face are made from the plants, roots, herbs, and minerals and no longer made from the chemical compounds. All these products are also made from nature’s assets and boom not just the outer beauty of an man or woman but healthy as nicely. It now not just displays the whole physical splendor of a person but it will increase the spirituality and is psychologically and bodily healthy. The herbal pores and skin care products are not dangerous to the skin in any respect but play a significant role in only recuperation skin ailments.

Importance of the herbal merchandise

When you are making a enormous decision to just switch to the natural cosmetics over the ones you are currently the usage of, you’re basically making the right selection to deal with the body and skin at the side of the more secure merchandise. Using those natural products, you come across a lot of blessings for certain. But whenever you’re the use of the products, you’ll ought to ensure that it’s far appropriate on your skin and fitness. Eventually, there’s enough amount of Looking Younger Cream available, which lets you make your skin look stunning and gentle.

Oil-Free makeup remover- If you are choosing the Looking Younger Cream, you may have to ensure which you select the proper form of product. This is one of the first-rate products, which enables your pores and skin to look more youthful and higher. One benefit of the natural substances discovered on this herbal cosmetics is that they’re frequently lots inexpensive than creating the chemical components in different kinds of cosmetics.

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Botanical cleansing lotion- While opting for every other incredible natural product, that is one of the great products, which come along with the notable popularity. The cleansing lotion comes together with the notable productivity. Using this product on a each day basis, you may no longer get any damage for your pores and skin. Along with making your pores and skin appearance younger, it also makes you appearance exquisite. It has been made from the sheer natural merchandise and that makes the product stand higher than the others. It comes at an affordable price fee and advertises the same advantage for your pores and skin as nicely. In a long term, you’ll be the witness of a healthy, sparkling and delightful skin with the help of natural makeup products.

Chamomile facial wash- Face wash is a part of your day by day lives and your morning can’t get commenced with the exceptional and pores and skin-pleasant face wash. But even as looking for for the herbal face wash, you need to make sure that you pick out the proper one, which incorporates some of the superb herbal components including Red Clover, Elderflower Extract, Chamomile and White Willow Bark Extract. The complete herbal elements make the product stand out higher than the others. The face wash is absolute mild foam and a pure mild gel, which is simply appropriate for all of the pores and skin sorts too. One of the principle and main benefits of the use of the unique product is that it decreases the probability of pores and skin breakouts.