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Rudy Giuliani, a Trump cybersecurity adviser, doesn’t understand the internet

Rudy Giuliani, a Trump cybersecurity adviser, doesn’t understand the internet


Welcome returned to the modern-day edition of politicians don’t get generation! Our contemporary guest is Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and modern cybersecurity adviser to President Trump. Rudy Giuliani doesn’t understand Twitter or the net.

It’s embarrassing sufficient that Giuliani inadvertently tweeted a link to a website criticizing Trump, however now he’s doubling down on cyber-stupidity via claiming that “Twitter allowed a person to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message.”

Ignorant as to what had come about, he latched directly to apparent anti-Republican bias inside Twitter, a subject matter that Trump and different Republicans have pushed regardless of no evidence.

understand the internet

“Don’t tell me they’re now not committed card-carrying anti-Trumpers,” added Giuliani, who — we repeat — is a cybersecurity adviser to the White House.

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  • · Nov 30, 2018

Mueller filed an indictment just because the President left for http://G-20.In July, and he indicted the Russians who will by no means come right here simply earlier than he left for Helsinki. Either might have been performed in advance or later. Out of manipulating!Supervision, please?

  • Rudy Giuliani
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Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message. The identical issue-period no space-happened later, and it didn’t appear. Don’t tell me they’re no longer devoted to card-carrying anti-Trumpers. Time Magazine also may fit that description. FAIRNESS PLEASE

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Mueller filed an indictment simply as the President left for http://G-20.In July, he indicted the Russians who will by no means come right here simply earlier than he left for Helsinki. Either might have been performed earlier or later. Out of control!Supervision, please?

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On November 30 (above), Giuliani’s original tweet didn’t incorporate a length among sentences, which created a link to G-20.In. An eagle-eyed member of the public — named with the aid of the BBC as Atlanta-based marketing director Jason Velazquez — clicked via the link and, finding that it changed into clean, quick registered the area and created a website sporting the “a disgusting anti-President message” to which Giuliani referred.

The G-20.In internet site that appears in Giuliani’s tweet

“When I realized that the URL became to be had, my heart started to race a bit. I consider thinking: ‘This guy — Giuliani — has no concept,’” Velazquez informed the BBC. “I fast upload my files, tweeted approximately what I had completed, and left my rental.”

The tweet itself was properly included by using media. However, Giuliani’s absurd return to the topic has given the website online even greater insurance. Both of Giuliani’s tweets continue to be online and undeleted — as of 22:40 PST — however, inside the fine count number, it does seem that he has figured out how to create Twitter threads by way of replying to preceding tweets.

This incident follows some other moment of Twitter-based total comedy from Giuliani. He despatched a curious message following news that Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen had made a plea settlement.

Over the beyond 7 to eight years, I’ve heard a whole lot of pros tell me they do not have time to “set up systems”, “preserve meetings”, and/or “measure effects”. Imagine my pride after I picked up Rudy Giuliani’s e-book and found that he did all of that during his tenure as Mayor of the finest metropolis on the earth. That’s a massive enough job in itself. However, Rudy’s coaching paid off in a big manner in managing New York City and the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy.

For those of you who whine that it’s far too much time taken to preserve conferences every week – please examine Giuliani’s view on DAILY meetings of key executives. That is, emotion-packed, accountable meetings – not paper shuffling lifeless doughnut stuffing thoughts numbing – properly, you get the factor.

I lived in New York City pre-Giuliani. I recognize how terrifying it becomes within the early eighty’s – how lawless and, in many methods, hopeless. Everybody concept there has been just nothing that would be executed approximately crime, graffiti – you call it. After leaving the metropolis in 1988, I did not go back to my liked NYC for a few years, and after I did, I could not agree with the adjustments.


Giuliani, with an unequaled leadership drive, wiped clean up New York. Is there nevertheless crime? Well, of course, however, consider me the town is nothing find it irresistible changed into inside the early ’80s. For the ones who’ve never lived and or traveled in NYC, it, in reality, is difficult to imagine the sheer magnitude of the “continuous development” within the town. Nothing escaped the eagle eyes of Hizzoner the Mayor, even if it is a fantasy, the consequences of communicating for themselves.

How did he do it? One crucial thing became the business enterprise of his departments. Equally critical is the concept that everyone heads up a crucial department or group because of the table and answerable outcomes. If you do not want to go to a meeting, you will hate this. However, Rudy insisted on a morning assembly – EVERY morning. On September 12, there was a morning assembly. Problems had no opportunity to be shelved “until the subsequent meeting,” wherein reports of being unable to do something are given. If trouble got here up in the future – day after today higher, show a few motions! Total Accountability. Total Commitment to improving operations. No danger to “table” problems until the subsequent ineffective meeting.

But it wasn’t just the meetings. It became putting requirements and measuring consequences with thorough statistics—no B.S. Artists want to practice – the facts show who is centered on their activity. This is not anything new – TQM works precisely the equal way – Continuous Improvement – Process Improvement – something you want to call it. You have to arrange round motive, understand what consequences your afyou enhance the method and measure your results. Most A/E groups that say they need to improve gather records in half of the hearted hit or leave out manner – then they say it would not make paintings for them. Maybe, however, I have a bet they do not do the paintings!!

Why do extra corporations not do the paintings? It’s a variety of paintings, and it is now not challenging paintings. But duh, if you do the paintings, the initiatives are better and extra worthwhile. Most of us will never be tested how the mayor of New York was tested on Sep 11, 2001. But we’re examined inside the overall performance of ourselves and our groups as leaders. How exactly are you take a look at ratings?

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