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Samsung May Launch a Foldable Drone, Patent Filing Tips

Samsung May Launch a Foldable Drone, Patent Filing Tips


If a recent patent software is any indication, Samsung plans to go into the drone marketplace. According to a report, the South Korean tech massive is working on a foldable drone to include a digicam, gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometer. There isn’t any word on while this drone might be launched for mass intake. Still, the company does appear to be serious about the drone marketplace because it has gotten as many as five drone-associated patents this 12 months by myself.

In keeping with a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent utility, filed on June 15 final 12 months, Samsung plans a foldable drone. The drone arms, on which the propellers could be fixed, maybe folded and spread out against the principal body. The housing shape of the drone seems to be produced from booths, which join collectively to form a compact unit. The patent utility was first noticed through DroneBelow, which notes that it is Samsung’s fifth drone-related patent application to be posted in 2018.

“The unmanned aerial car consists of a housing with a first housing structure and a second housing structure, a wireless communication circuit coupled to the housing or located inside the housing for wi-fi communique with an outside controller, a plurality of propulsions structures coupled to the housing, and a navigation circuit configured to control the plurality of propulsion systems,” Samsung defined in the patent utility.

The patent indicates that the Samsung drone can have the standard competencies, like wirelessly managing it using a cell phone, tablet, or PC. Additionally, Samsung drone might also feature aid to govern it via other digital devices like domestic appliances, including washing gadgets, wearable devices, body implants, and more.

Patent Filing Tips
Samsung’s drone may also be sensor heavy, with gyroscope, barometer, compass, ultrasonic, temperature, light, and ultraviolet sensors gift within the device.

The drone marketplace, mainly ruled by the Chinese groups, is predicted to top $11.2 billion in 2020. According to the 2018 Drone Market Sector record by using Skylogic Research, DJI is the current market chief with an expected seventy-four percent market percentage, accompanied with the aid of Yuneec with five percentage proportion and three-D robotics with simply 3 percent. The entry of a giant like Samsung is virtually predicted to shake up the enterprise.

Description and claims collectively referred to as specifications are the most important parts of a patent utility. This component has all the statistics about your invention. I.e., the way it differs from other stories and how it’s far extraordinary. It may be crucial to jot down a complete and adequately explained description before patent drafting and filing.

The patent description cannot be modified once the patent submitting utility has been submitted. Start the outline with a brief advent and make it bigger with complete info. This will assist the reader in information the patent utility in a higher manner. The patent utility needs to encompass all essential and minor factors because once the application has been filed, you can not adjust the specs. You can most effectively make changes to the subject depending on your utility if required. Writing a patent utility isn’t always a smooth process. It’s far recommended to take help from an expert patent filing professional.

A Patent application consists of drawings, descriptions, and primary textual content. Also, a small mistake can spoil your plans to win intellectual assets rights in your invention. Patent drawing pages must be well connected with the description page.

Writing a description is the maximum crucial part of the patent application filing process. Always comply with these suggestions and write down an adequate patent description: Title: Title must be short, specific, and relevant. Try to use keywords in the title that are most usually searched through people.

Patent Filing Tips

Technical Field: Give a short declaration explaining the technical specifications of your invention. Background statistics: This consists of the information this is required for the reader to understand your vision. It ought to be to the factor.

Technical issues addressed thru your invention: Considered as the part of giving the earlier artwork, including all of the demanding technical situations you’ve got confronted and how those may be conquered. You were also listing all issues your invention solves and how.

List of Drawings: List all of the drawings and figures in serial order and write a brief description of their significance and use within the unique invention.

A detailed description of your invention: Describe every and every part of your invention in information. Details need to be clear and clean to recognize.

Example of Deliberate use: Give an example of the studied use of your invention. This will help in understanding your story in a higher way. By following those guidelines and order, you could write a powerful description to your patent application

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