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Athleta Vs Lululemon – Which is the Leader in Athleisure?

Athleta Vs Lululemon – Which is the Leader in Athleisure?


Lululemon is the leader in athleisure, but Athleta is a worthy competitor. They both offer fabrics that are designed to wick away sweat, dry quickly, and feel cool to the touch.

Athleta is also known for offering a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3XL. This is an excellent feature, especially for athletes who prefer a snug fit.

Athleta vs. Lululemon: Which is Better? - College Fashion


Both Lululemon and Athleta carry a wide variety of sizes, including petite and plus-size. However, Athleta offers more inclusive sizing than Lululemon. Their plus-size range extends up to size 14. Athleta also has a secret “We Made Too Much” sale section that features some of their best-selling leggings at discounted prices.

Both brands offer leggings in a wide range of colors, prints, and materials. In addition to their trendy looks, both offer high-performance fabrics designed to support a wide range of workouts. The fabrics are fast-drying, cool to the touch, and compressive in all the right places. They’re also designed to stretch with you, making them a great choice for high-intensity workouts and yoga sessions.

In terms of pricing, both brands are at the forefront of high-end athleisure. However, Athleta is slightly cheaper than Lululemon. In addition, both brands offer a flexible return policy, so you can try their products before you buy them.

Lululemon is a Canadian-based company that began as an independent yoga apparel brand. Its unique sizing system is based on waist measurement rather than dress size. A lulu size 2 is not the same as a dress size 2. The sizing is also inconsistent between styles, and some items are designed to stretch or shrink as they are worn, making it difficult to know what to expect. Lulu has a loyal following of customers, but many people find that the clothes are not a good fit. This may be because they are made from a mix of materials and have a tendency to pill. Athleta is a better option for women who are looking for an affordable and versatile athleisure brand.


In terms of sizing, both Athleta and Lululemon have a variety of sizes to fit all body types. Athleta offers sizes XXS-3XL, while Lululemon has a range of sizes 0-14. The two brands also offer different styles of leggings, so the best one for you depends on your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for pants that are not see-through and comfortable for outdoor exercise, you might prefer the Athleta elation flare. Alternatively, you could choose the groove pants from Lululemon.

Both brands are famous for their leggings, which are a staple for any gym-goer’s wardrobe. However, the two companies have their differences when it comes to quality and pricing. In general, Lululemon is pricier than Athleta. This is especially true for items like pants and jackets.

While both brands sell a wide selection of workout gear, Athleta is more focused on yoga-inspired workout outfits and loungewear. It is also more streamlined in its manufacturing and fiber sourcing. As a result, it has fewer issues with pilling and stretching out of shape. Lastly, it has a great return policy.

If you’re thinking about buying an Athleta item, you can try it out at their store or online. They have a “Give it a Workout Guarantee” where you can return the item if you’re not satisfied. This is a great way to ensure that the clothing will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of workouts.

Athleta is a division of Gap Inc and is exclusive to women’s activewear and loungewear. They’re a certified B Corporation, which means they’re committed to reducing their environmental footprint and social impact. They’re also known for their good interaction with customers on popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


The athleisure wear trend has exploded over the past few years, and both Lululemon and Athleta have capitalized on it by offering form-fitting workout clothes. These brands are both known for their high-quality fabrics and have a wide variety of colors to choose from. However, there are some differences between them that may influence your decision to shop at one or the other.

While both companies have similar sizing options, the style and aesthetic of their clothing sets them apart. Athleta’s designs are more casual and relaxed, while Lululemon’s are more feminine. The Lululemon brand is also based on a philosophy of whole body wellness, and they encourage their customers to get active by showing them how to use their clothing for a variety of activities.

Both companies have a broad range of colors to choose from, but Lululemon has a wider selection of patterns and prints than Athleta. In addition, they offer a higher number of products for men and women. In terms of quality, both companies have a reputation for excellent workmanship and customer service. However, Lululemon’s customer service ratings are higher than those of Athleta.

Although both brands are known for their yoga-inspired workout gear, Athleta focuses more on running and cycling than Lululemon does. In addition, they sell more apparel for younger women, and their Athleta Girl line is geared towards young athletes. Both brands have an extensive retail presence, with Lululemon having 384 stores in the United States and 80 in Canada.

Despite the controversy surrounding the company founder, Chip Wilson, both brands have a lot to offer consumers. In addition to a wide range of sizes, both brands offer stylish athletic clothing with technical fabrics that can withstand intense workouts. Moreover, they have an inspiring community of elite athletes and store ambassadors to motivate their customers to push beyond their limits.


Whether you’re shopping for a workout outfit or something casual, there’s an Athleta for you. The brand’s pieces are high-quality and designed to last. Its clothing is made of fabrics that are lightweight, breathable and comfortable. They also use environmentally friendly materials, including recycled polyester.

Athleta carries a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus. Their clothes are also available in various colors, so you can find the perfect match for your unique taste and style. Athleta’s ethos is about inclusivity, and they go out of their way to make sure that women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable. Instead of using stick-thin mannequins, they use models that represent the average woman’s height and body type.

The prices at Athleta are usually higher than those of Lululemon, but the quality of the clothing is worth the price. The fabric is soft and stretches, and the clothes will last for years. The company also offers a warranty on its products. This ensures that customers can return items that are defective or don’t fit correctly.

Lululemon is a popular yoga apparel brand that was founded in Canada, and it caters to people who enjoy indoor fitness activities like yoga. However, the company has since expanded its offerings to include menswear and loungewear, as well as technical gear for outdoor sports like tennis. Its customer base varies from hippie yogis to elite athletes.

Both Athleta and Lululemon are on the forefront of high-end athleisure. While Athleta is owned by Gap Inc, which also owns Old Navy and Banana Republic, Lululemon remains independent from its parent companies. Both brands produce high-quality workout gear that will last for a long time, and they are both known for their beautiful designs.


The material used in athleta leggings is very high-quality and designed to withstand workouts. It also helps to wick away sweat. The brand is popular with yoga enthusiasts and offers a wide range of styles for any activity. Besides leggings, athleta also makes joggers, hoodies, sports bras, dresses, and accessories.

The brand has a huge following in the fitness community and is known for its quality and affordability. It also offers a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3XL. The company has also developed a line called Athleta Girl that is aimed at younger athletes. In addition, the company has a good return policy and offers free shipping on all orders.

Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1998. It is a yoga-inspired activewear brand that promotes healthy living and mindfulness. The brand has a reputation for its premium quality and fits, and many of their products are considered “religious.”

While both brands offer similar clothing for exercise, they have different branding and sizing. Athleta focuses on yoga, but it also produces equipment for other activities such as hiking, weight training, and running. Many of their styles look like street wear and are more affordable than lululemon.

In addition to their clothing, both brands have their own stores and offer in-store events. For example, a recent event at the Boston store featured a yoga class led by a celebrity yogi. The store also hosted a book signing by the author of the new edition of her best-selling book, Love Your Body. This is a great way to experience the brand and its culture. In addition, it’s a great place to meet other fitness enthusiasts.

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