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Mi Home Security Camera 360 review: All-round protection in Full HD video

Mi Home Security Camera 360 review: All-round protection in Full HD video



In current months, Xiaomi has been increasing the presence of its flagship logo Mi in India. We now have Mi Home Security camera, Mi LED TVs, Mi Air Purifiers, and other merchandise being bought in the country. The Mi Home Security Camera 360, priced at Rs 2,699, can record footage at up to 1080p or Full HD decision, has a slot for a microSD card, and can movement detection. It can also file video within the darkish with the Infrared Night vision.

When it involves home safety cameras, there’s continually the question of whether we need those and do they solve a hassle? To answer the second part, CCTV cameras do now not deter petty crime. In my locality and my house, I have seen how thieves have broken in two times and stolen bicycles, regardless of CCTV cameras inside the residence and the neighborhood.

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With the Mi Home Security Camera 360, the number of features it sports and the simplicity of using its miles work in its favor. Once both the digital camera and your cellphone are related through the Mi Home app, you can control it everywhere, which many city users will find beneficial.

The Mi Camera’s movement detection characteristic is beneficial and correct. I determined myself counting on this after I turned into myself at domestic all through the night. I had the digital camera within the drawing-room with motion detection and alerts on, which turned into a terrific manner of retaining an eye fixed on the central front in case there was any cause for alarm. The camera additionally allows when you are out of the residence, as we were touring for Diwali. I could check once in a while to peer if all people else turned into coming in, aside from my everyday help.

Another beneficial characteristic of the digital camera is that it will send signals to the app once movement detection is on. A small clip of that instance is dispatched as a message, and you may see it test if all is okay. The audio call characteristic also works accurately on the Mi Security Home camera. For those with pets by myself at domestic, you could perhaps try calling them. However, it’s not something I am too keen on attempting. Pets, especially puppies, can get disconcerted while a digicam begins shouting their call and can get burdened and dissatisfied.

Mi Security Camera may be suited to a wall, or users can preserve it on their table, or anywhere else they locate conveniently. I appreciated that nobody calls for a fancy setup with the Mi digital camera to get the right of entry to the footage. Plus, you could usually transfer off the digital camera while returning home for more significant privateness. I did have a few issues with the camera initially. When I first installed the camera, it did not stumble on the movement, even though I walked through or three instances within the variety of the digital camera. I did not get indicators from the app taking pictures of this movement, which I concept changed into atypical. But after that first preliminary hiccup, the digicam was regular in sending notifications for motion detection.

If you’re a person who remains far away from home for long hours or travels some distance too frequently, the Mi Home Security Camera 360° may be a valuable tool in supporting you to hold tabs on what’s going on at domestic.
N Estimated street fee: Rs 2,699

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