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Jessamine County Schools Elementary Schools, High Schools and Middle Schools (2021-22)

Jessamine County Schools Elementary Schools, High Schools and Middle Schools (2021-22)


JCES is proud to announce that we have excelled in our 2023 self-study. The great work done throughout our organization was highlighted by several districts visiting us to get more information on how they can structure their communities to run the same way! We are excited to offer our students, parents, and staff a new school year that will hold many personal learning and growth opportunities!  Check out some of the highlights from Jessamine County Schools year below:

Job Opportunities at Jessamine County Schools

“Jessamine County Schools is a well-established district in Kentucky, boasting a student population of about 10,000 students. It is a privilege to be a part of Jessamine County Schools, where we take pride in our mission to educate the whole child. We’re committed to ensuring each student has a safe and productive learning environment. At Jessaminprideols, we are intentional about fostering a culture of continuous improvement, so that we can best serve the needs of our students and families for years to come. In addition to traditional academics, the district also offers several AP courses and programs for students who want to excel beyond the basic curriculum.”


Jessamine County Schools Elementary Schools

Jessamine County Schools Elementary Schools is a public school system with headquarters in Nicholasville, Kentucky. The Jessamine County Schools Elementary Schools System is one of the public school systems located in Nicholasville, Kentucky. It is the second-largest school district in the state of Kentucky. In 2008, the system was ranked #32 out of 60 in terms of spending per student, and in 2009, “US News & World Report” ranked the school district as a Bronze Medalist in the Best School System category.

How Jessamine County Schools Rank in 2020

In a recent ranking by Niche, Jessamine County Schools ranked among the top 50 best school districts in Kentucky. The area’s public schools include Jessamine County High School, which is ranked as a bronze medalist and one of the best high schools in Kentucky. Jessamine County Schools ranks as one of the top 50 best school districts in Kentucky. Jessamine County Schools ranked No. 32 in Kentucky and No. 79 in the nation, out of all 1002 districts nationwide.

Jessamine County Schools Faculty

Jessamine County Schools Faculty is the most prestigious institution in Jessamine County, founded in 1876 by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly. Founded in 1876 by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly, Jessamine County Schools Faculty is the most prestigious institution in Jessamine County. The purpose of Jessamine County Schools Faculty is to cultivate the intellectual, artistic, and moral growth of the students in the district.

Jessamine County Public Schools Reviews

Jessamine County Public Schools Reviews is an anonymous blog post site. Posts generally contain positive or neutral comments about the local public school district. North Jessamine Schools was founded in 1851; North Jessamine Schools is a K-12 school system serving 5,200 students from northern Jessamine County. The school district has eight schools. According to the North Jessamine Schools website, in 2010, the district’s enrollment was 4,100 students.

Middle Schools in Jessamine County Schools

The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in world history. The Great Depression was when people had no jobs and no money. Many people lost their homes, and millions lost their jobs. Middle schools are an educational stage between elementary school and high school. They are usually smaller and serve students in grades 6 through 8. Students in middle school typically have more freedom than students in elementary school. They are more independent and begin to make decisions that affect their schoolwork. Most middle schools have 8th grade, but some have only 7th grade.

About Jessamine County Schools

“Jessamine County Public Schools is a public school district located in Jessamine County, Kentucky. The district operates seven schools, ranging from pre-K to 12th grade.” The district runs from preschool to twelfth grade, with about 2,500 students enrolled in the community. The section has been around since 1835 and now has about 150 staff members. In addition to education, they also offer vocational programs. Jessamine County is located in Western Kentucky, about 90 minutes from Louisville. Jessamine County is about half of what the county was before the 1950s when the community grew significantly.

Jessamine County Schools Pay Scale

A randomly generated 20×20 map. It is a randomly generated 20×20 map. Teachers will be randomly placed in their classrooms, and students will be randomly generated on the map. The map includes buildings and objects that can be interacted with but do not follow a set path. To celebrate Jessamine County Schools’ 150th anniversary, Superintendent Dr. Ryan Mahoney created an artistic collage of the previous 149 Jessamine County schools. The collage was created by school staff and teachers at Jessamine County Schools. The school district is known for its athletic programs, especially its softball team, which has won 5 state championships and appears in the Kentucky High School Sports annual publication.

Connect with Jessamine County Schools

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Jessamine County Schools (JCS) is an independent, public school district located in Jessamine County, Kentucky. The JCS has three schools: Indian Creek Elementary School, Nicholasville Middle School, and Jessamine County High School. JCS is the 29th largest county school district by student population in Kentucky. The focus of education for students at JCS is to be successful in life. Students are given opportunities to explore career paths, complete internships, partake in college.

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