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Want lightning-fast internet? Here’s the Openserve guide to fibre in your home

Want lightning-fast internet? Here’s the Openserve guide to fibre in your home


We want the net – a speedy, dependable net – to paintings, connect to friends and family, and for entertainment. But more significant than that, the catch is essential for monetary growth and propel society into the digital age.

For that, we want fiber. What is fiber?

Fiber-optic threads use mild impulses to hold virtual facts alerts over longer distances and at better bandwidths than electrical cables. Each line is as skinny as human hair and a glass product, making it the greenest way to encode and decode facts on the internet.

What’s the difference between fiber connectivity and DSL connectivity?

Fibre transmits records with pulses of mild over fiber-optic cables, while ADSL (uneven virtual subscriber line) transmits information alongside copper smartphone cables. VDSL (very excessive-bit-price virtual subscriber line) is any other form of virtual subscriber line that uses copper lines more efficaciously and might attain speeds of as much as 40 megabits per second (Mbps).


Fiber is more reliable than copper wires – it’s faster, and as it’s made of glass, weather and distance gained’t affect it.

  • What are the advantages of fiber?
  • It’s more solid and reliable.
  • Fibre has faster, extra consistent internet speeds.
  • Fiber is simpler to maintain.
  • The signal can travel over longer distances.
  • Fiber isn’t always at risk of electric interference or electromagnetic noise.
  • Fibre gives a higher broadband connection and a more precise signal so that you can:

– Watch Netflix or YouTube without it buffering- Play games without the lag- Sync your private home’s smart devices- Convert your house to an intelligent domestic

How rapid is fiber?

Imagine the distinction between looking to download a video with fiber (half-hour) and doing it by VDSL (nearly 8 hours). Yarn is 50 times quicker than a 2Mbps line. Thread is 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 40Mbps, 100Mbps, and 200Mbps lines, while DSL is maxed out at 40Mbps. The graph underneath illustrates the distinction in download speeds among fiber and VDSL. Image: Source: Telkom, Infogram A LIST OF PREFERRED INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS Click here for the complete list of ISPs How to migrate from ADSL to fiber Contact your ISP and ask for OpenServer. The open infrastructure connection issuer has furnished more than a million DSL connections, laid down more than 161,000km of fiber optic cables, and related more than 139,000 homes to fiber. Before you’re making the switch to thread, find out if it’s available in your place.

How to test if there’s fiber to your vicinity You can try if your place has fiber insurance by typing your address into this interactive map. If there isn’t fiber to your home, ask your ISP to warn you while a rollout starts of evolved. You can also check in your hobby right here. Is there a one-off charge to connect with fiber? There might be an installation fee to hook up with thread; however, many ISPs have had special setup deals recently. Shop round to discover the first-rate option for you.

How an awful lot will it fee a month? The month-to-month fee is set using your ISP, and each package deal may also come with particular offers, like free installation or a free fiber router. MyBroadband ultimate year in comparison fiber charges across ISPs in SA, which ranged among:

  • R1,297 and R1,999 for a 100Mbps line;
  • R999 and R1,499 for 40Mbps;
  • R897 and R1,399 for 20Mbps; and
  • R647 and R1,199 for 10Mbps.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to put in and spark off your fiber line relies upon your ISP. To accelerate the method, ensure that you deliver helpful info such as your address and be available on the day of the appointment to ensure straightforward entry to the point of entry for the fiber installation and the router.

After that, it may absorb to seven days for the issuer to spark off your line.
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