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Ghana’s Biggest Cocoa Buyer Seeks Guarantee to Cut Finance Costs

Ghana’s Biggest Cocoa Buyer Seeks Guarantee to Cut Finance Costs


The largest client of cocoa beans from farmers in Ghana is looking to cut borrowing charges by arranging its first government loan guarantee in seven years. PBC is requesting an assurance of as many as 400 million cedis ($ninety-one million) from the authorities, appearing Chief Executive Officer Nana Agyenim Boateng stated in an interview. It’s also hired Accra-primarily based Fidelity Bank Ltd. The nearby unit of Standard Chartered Plc to market a four hundred million-cedi one-year bond, especially to pension price range, to lower borrowing charges.

PBC, which buys cocoa from farmers within the Global’s 2nd-largest producer and sells it to the regulator, wishes to borrow cash every season to fund the purchases. At the same time, the Ghana Cocoa Board gives financing at the vital bank’s coverage hobby price of twenty-two. Boateng stated that five percent calls for guarantees from debtors, and arranging them from banks is steeply priced.

The alternative is even more expensive — the common bank lending fee to agencies in the agricultural enterprise becomes 32.1 percent at the end of June, in step with the Bank of Ghana.

“So long as we keep too lean on the banks, their prices will usually be high and have a terrible effect on our overall performance,” Boateng stated. “A guarantee from the government will assist us in having funds prepared for the season and erode a massive interest price.”

The authorities, which own about 37 percent of PBC even as the state pension fund holds 38 percent, provided the corporation with ensures from 2006 to 2010.

PBC offered about 30 percent of Ghana’s 2016-17 fundamental crop, which resulted in May. It’s 1. Nine billion cedis of purchases inside the larger of the two annual harvests changed into in part financed with 441 million cedis indirect financial institution loans and 520 million cedis of financial institution ensures to permit it to borrow from the cocoa board, Boateng said.

PBC pronounced a loss of 15. Nine million cedis in the 12 months through September 2016, from a profit of 6.Three million cedis the 12 months earlier than. While sales improved, a 29 percent growth in financing charges weighed on the profits, in step with its annual document.

The business enterprise is also discussing with the government to enhance its capital base. However, it will likely wait until profitability improves, Boateng said.

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Finance Costs

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