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Islami Andolan Bangladesh rejects general poll results

Islami Andolan Bangladesh rejects general poll results


Barisal-primarily based air, or non-secular chief, past due Maulana Syed Muhammad Fazlul Karim, popularly referred to as Charminar Pir, set up the Islami Shasontontro Andolon birthday celebration on March thirteen, 1987

Islami Andolan Bangladesh – the handiest single party that nominated its candidates in 299 constituencies – rejected the 11th widespread ballot results amid claims of torture and intimidation in opposition to its polling sellers and an electorate with the aid of ruling party leaders and law enforcement officials.

On Tuesday, Party Ameer and Chief Charmonai Pir Syed Rezaul Karim presented the allegations at a press convention organized at their valuable birthday celebration office in Purana Paltan, Dhaka.

Syed Rezaul said: “We are rejecting the results of the 11th general polls as it did not replicate people’s opinion.” He alleged that a stage gambling field becomes absent because of the announcement of the election agenda, adding that: “Ruling party, inside the call of seasoned-liberation birthday celebration, used the management for vote theft.”

“Awami League cadres prevented the electorate from casting their own vote and pressured them to vote for “boat”. Our pog sellers were tortured and kicked out of the centers. Many centers were closed from 1 pm at the excuse of lunch ruin,” he also alleged.

“We are stunned by the misery precipitated by citizens as they could not practice their democratic proper nicely,” he delivered.

While studying an assertion, the birthday celebration leader stated: “The Election Commission didn’t direct the election properly. Such sort of farce has no longer been seen by the nation given that after independence. We are privy to the irregularities in all of the constituencies, as we nominated applicants in 2s.”


“We filed a grievance with the Election Commission and met the chief election commissioner, but no seen actions were taken,” he introduced.

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The Barisal-based total pair, or religious chief, late Maulana Syed Muhammad Fazlul Karim, popularly referred to as Charminar Pir, hooked up the Islami Shasontontro Andolon birthday celebration on March 13, 1987, so that you can organize an Islamic regulation-based totally state.

The call, however, was modified to Islami Andolon Bangladesh (IAB) after the Election Commission did not permit registration under its authentic ring.

Founder Fazlul Karim wanted to build a difficulty-based, not unusual platform for Islamic motion, comprising all Islamic parties and non-secular-minded people of Bangladesh.

Karim, a believer in the Khilafat state device, tried to establish the Islamic United States of America for the duration of his life until hhe diedin 2006.

IAB has been making non-stop progress in nearby polls over the past three years. They got under the spotlight in election politics after their applicants earned the 0.33 biggest wide variety of votes in Dhaka north and south, Narayanganj and Khulna metropolis polls.

It is now not New York, nnorSwitzerland, nor Shanghai. Rather,, Udaipur has won the hearts of several tourists to end up the high-quality town of the arena for the 12 months 2009. Yes, it’s actual. Last year, it was Bangkok, and this 12 months, the title has been bestowed upon the ‘Venice of the east, Udaipur, placed in India.

In an internet ballot conducted utilizing Travel and Leisure magazine, human beings from everywhere in the international clicked in unison to make Udaipur win the race as the arena’s great metropolis. To add to the celebrations, it’s also the first South Asian city to win the ballot. Every 12 months, the vote is performed to churn out the World’s Best Winners, and with this year’s effects, the eyeballs are set upon India.

general poll results

Other pinnacle-ranked cities in the ballot include the names of Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Luang Prabang; simultaneously, the more predicted winners remained in the top 10 terms like New York, Florence, Rome, and San Francisco. New York has also received the name of a high-quality town in the United States for the ninth time in continuity. The Indonesian island, Bali gained the reputation as a nice island inside the international.

The ballot effects have added a wave of pleasure and cheer returned home in Rajasthan, at the side of duty to renovate the coveted accolade. rof Travel and Leisure magazine Editor has stated that the poll effects have showcased the converting pastimes of travelers in this difficult economic system. According to her, price, intimacy, carrier, and discovery had been the outstanding choice-making factors for travelers.

With many vacationers journeying to the historical past metropolis, the title is expected to expand the traveler’s footfall from the approaching year. In 2007, 1.6 lakhs overseas vacationers visited the municipality at tlakhme time as in 2008; the range grew to at least one.86 lakhs. The information proves that Udaipur has already gained the hearts of tourists with its historical monuments, picturesque beauty, and desirable infrastructure centers.

Nevertheless, the fact is that human beings have rarely come upon any Indian city name during many components of the arena, except for New Delhi. But the ballot outcomes will ronvey the highlight of this royal city now and attract extra vacationers who would like to see the high-priced palaces of the Maharajas in the ethnic setting and relive the distinction of the Rajput era.

Udaipur district government has decided to make the city polythene unfastened, preserve the ancient monuments, and improve the infrastructure facilities in Udaipur, in a bid to make the city greater beautiful and vistor pleasant. PThe peopleof Udamorepe that the town gets suitable rains to fill the lakes and canals of the city to receive its herbal allure again.

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