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Intento Publishes Plugins for MemoQ and SDL Trados

Intento Publishes Plugins for MemoQ and SDL Trados


Intento MT API middleware provides an easy and elegant API to 20+ Machine Translation structures, such as the modern-day NMT systems, including Amazon Translate, Google AutoML, Microsoft Custom Translator, and ModernMT.

MemoQ and SDL Trados

With the brand new plugins, all those MT systems are available to MemoQ and SDL Trados users who’ve registered with Intento and hooked up the plugins.

“Due to the diversity and complexity of Machine Translation APIs, new MT engines tend to end up available to CAT users much later than to the API customers,“ said Konstantin Savenkov, CEO and co-founding father of Intento. “We agree that the widely wide-spread connectors like we simply posted may also restoration that, as indeed there’s no factor for every CAT tool to implement the same API integrations.”

The plugins and documentation are to be downloaded at the following hyperlinks: MemoQ Plugin, SDL Trados Plugin. To use the plugins, one needs to sign up and have a business get entry to the Intento API.

For further facts, please contact Konstantin Savenkov, Co-Founder & CEO of Intento (ks@inten.To). As translation needs increase at some stage in the sector, new gamers are getting into the interpretation market from many countries and in all styles and sizes…In this “jungle”, how can you select an absolutely reliable translation issuer?

Here are some key parameters you should look for:

A translation business enterprise that ONLY works with expert translators: professional translators are translators who have a translation diploma and have at the very least five years of experience. Mastery of a second language does no longer makes a person an amazing translator. As a remember of truth, a professional translator typically focuses on a given subject (scientific translation, pharmaceutical translation, legal translation, advertising and marketing translation, humanitarian translation, technical translation, machinery translation, environmental translation, and so forth.). They have the essential reference materials for translating even the toughest texts as-as it should be as feasible.

MemoQ and SDL Trados

A translation organization that uses computer-assisted translation tools consisting of SDL Trados, the leader in this field. This does not suggest that the interpretation is executed using a device. Instead, it’s for a completely effective tool that allows translators and proofreaders to hold consistency at some stage in the translation. Technical phrases and longer texts which can be used regularly are then translated the equal way whenever.

A translation corporation that develops consumer-precise glossaries. Each business enterprise and every hobby has its personal terminology and alternatives. For your customers and overseas audience to understand your translated files, they should find the same vocabulary throughout all your brochures and files. Establishing a word listserves this intention and guarantees even extra accuracy while constructing the enterprise’s “reminiscence”.

A translation company that offers a fine test via proven procedures earlier than turning in the translation. An excellent test is a critical step earlier than the patron receives the translated documents. Only translation organizations can offer this type of carrier as they typically have translators in-house who proofread all translations finished through freelance translators. Quality control prevents predominant translation mistakes from occurring and ensures that the files you obtain are prepared for printing, circulating, or publishing. Even first-class translators need to have their work proofed!

A translation organization that offers turnkey offerings: what if your document has been produced using FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator? Or if you need XML, HTML, or different forms of file translated? Wouldn’t you rather acquire the translation within the equal layout rather than having your inner offerings do the DTP work and chance making a primary mistake, as frequently they do not communicate the language? Some translation organizations do indeed provide DTP services and might supply ready-to-print complicated documents.

A translation business enterprise with multilingual potential: increasingly, organizations require translations in their documents into numerous languages. You need a technical manual translated into 18 languages (French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Slovak). Are you prepared to cope with 18 different translators and 18 proofreaders? Answering their questions, making sure they all translate in step with your particular instructions? This can be a totally time-consuming task, and this is why hiring a translation business enterprise; because of this, you have got just one unmarried point of touch, which makes the translation system a lot smoother for you.

A translation agency that gives quick turnaround times. If you’ve got a pressing undertaking, the translation employer must be able to assign a group of several translators/proofreaders to fulfill your closing date necessities.

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