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Get closer to your music software with Nektar’s T-Series controllers

Get closer to your music software with Nektar’s T-Series controllers


When you’re scoping out a brand new MIDI controller, it’s clean to be seduced employing the variety of knobs, pads, faders, and – permit’s face it – blinking lighting fixtures that might be sitting on its surface. But even as having a wide range of controls is amazing, they’re not a lot of use when you have to spend time getting them mapped on your preferred plugins.

Fortunately, Nektar’s new Panorama T-Series controllers make setup headaches and compatibility troubles beyond a component. They provide Deep Instrument Control in any VST/AU-helping DAW, which means that you’ll constantly be in charge of your favored tune production software.

The T4 and T6 controllers have 49- and sixty one-observe aftertouch keyboards respectively, however, whichever version you pick, the level of software program integration is the same. Let’s begin by speak approximately the MCU compatibility, which gives you a fundamental degree of manipulate in pretty lots any DAW for capabilities together with transport functions and song stages.

Using Nektar’s custom DAW integration software program, you can take things similarly, which offers a much deeper degree of control in Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Reason, Bitwig Studio, Nuendo, and GarageBand. As properly as providing you with extra inside the manner of DAW navigation functionality, this additionally allows you to access mixer pan and sends, automation, quick- or smart controls, and more functions directly from the hardware – with full parameter remarks at the T-Series show.

Panorama T6  Panorama T6

What’s greater, the DAW Integration software program lets you manage your DAW’s integrated plugins – such as patch browsing. In Reason’s Kong, as an instance, you get visible comments on the drum pads while you’re programming a beat. Maps for plenty of famous VST/AU plugins are included; they normally allow entry to two pages of controls, with Nektar calling them “popular maps”.

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Nectarine controlling a virtual tool Nectarine controlling a virtual device

If you need complete control over your synth and tool plugins, there’s the brand new Nektarine: Nektar’s plugin host software enables control of any VST 2.4, VST3, or AU instrument, once more with complete parameter feedback coming thru the T-Series show. And the excellent issue is that it works unbiasedly with DAW integration. So, even if your DAW is not on the supported list, you could still use the T-Series’ MCU mode for delivery management, after which load Nektarine for an instant gets entry to your tool plugins. You can use the image editor to easily create or customize control maps on your favored plugins (don’t worry – plenty of maps come provided) and make them as deep as you like. Direct get admission to buttons underneath the faders are screened with synth parameters together with OSC, Filter, and LFO and make it clean to exchange the feature of the encoders as you’re operating – always with clean parameter feedback on display.

Back connections at the T-collection: along with MIDI Out and a pair of pedals

Back connections at the T-series: consisting of MIDI Out and 2 pedals. With Nectarine, you may even load plugins at once from the keyboard. It also has a Patch Browser that helps you import your favorite patches, add tags as you move, and create your own patch library. A high-quality contact is that clicking on any patch may also load the device plugin it belongs to.

The cease result is a stage of manipulating that will remove the barrier among keyboard and software programs and make you sense, such as using a hardware synth, so you can spend much less time along with your mouse and more time creating. You can even load patches and plugins immediately from the keyboard.

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Nectarine running in Steinberg Cubase.

Of direction, this form of tight integration wouldn’t surely imply a whole lot if the T-Series fashions didn’t have it inside the overall performance stakes. However, Nektar has ensured that there’s plenty right here to please each gamer and programmer. The MK2 synth motion keys are designed to deliver touchy aftertouch. The Key and Pad repeat options may create repeating rhythmic phrases with an adjustable accessory, gate, c programming language, and swing. And, even as the pads are awesome for playing beats, you may additionally assign chords to them.

Panorama T6

The T-Series models tick all of the containers, then supplying innovative performance capabilities, a unique degree of DAW manipulate, and superb-tight integration along with your device plugins. Find out greater on the Nektar website.

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