Disable Gutenberg WordPress Plugin – maybe the most important plugin you need after your upgrade

If you updated to WordPress 5. Zero and feature decided that the new editor (GUTENBERG) is simply now not for you. There is a clean way to move returned to the conventional editor or the editor your theme makes use of (WP Page Builder and others)…it is a plugin named “Disable Gutenberg”. Here is a little about the plugin (through WordPress):

This plugin disables the brand new Gutenberg Editor (aka Block Editor) and replaces it with the Classic Editor. You can disable Gutenberg completely, or selectively disable for posts, pages, roles, post types, and topic templates. Plus you can conceal the Gutenberg nag, menu item, and greater!

The all-in-one, COMPLETE solution for managing Gutenberg.
Hide ALL traces of Gutenberg and replace with the Classic Editor.
Restores the unique Edit Post display (TinyMCE, meta boxes, et al).

The Disable Gutenberg plugin restores the traditional (original) WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” display screen. So you can continue using plugins and subject capabilities that enlarge the Classic Editor. Supports remarkable functions like Meta Boxes, Quicktags, Custom Fields, and the whole thing else the Classic Editor can do.

Does not “expire” in 2022! 🙂

Easy to Use

Just set off and achieved! The default plugin settings are configured to cover all traces of the Gutenberg Block Editor, and absolutely repair the authentic Classic Editor. Further alternatives for customizing while/wherein Gutenberg is enabled are available in the plugin settings.Image result for Disable Gutenberg WordPress Plugin – maybe the most important plugin you need after your upgrade

Click here to learn extra approximately this plugin: https://wordpress.Org/plugins/disable-gutenberg/

It certainly is that easy…simply load and spark off the plugin and you’re all set and again to the environment, you had before the upgrade.

Hope this is helpful to the WordPress customers studying the blog.

Scott E


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WordPress Maintenance Release 5.Zero.2

WordPress Security Release 5.0.1

WordPress 5. Zero – To Update Or Not To Update
Stephen Vaughan December 19, 2018, at five: forty am
In terms of will no longer expire in 2022, a touch extra clarity is required. Contrary to widespread information, then the workings of the unique editor have now not been removed from WordPress, it is simply concern to a REACT override that enables Gutenberg. All techniques of disabling the brand new block editor and imparting the classic editor are only a switch, albeit a complicated transfer in the case of some plugins the usage of conditional configuration.

We are informed that via 2022, the classic editor functionality may be eliminated from WordPress middle. In this occasion third birthday, party developers will need to engineer their plugins to include the workings of the old editor. Whether this engineering can be dependable is a large question open to discussing within the destiny.

I am now not making apologies here for the new editor but the writing is at the wall for having to ultimately have to adopt it. To this quit it’s a pity that it, Gutenberg itself, wasn’t engineered better, contemplating all the workflows that are possible with the older editor.

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