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Former East Greenwich fire official pleads not guilty in computer case

Former East Greenwich fire official pleads not guilty in computer case


WARWICK — A former East Greenwich fire lieutenant pleaded now not responsible on Friday to expenses of pc trespass in connection with the deletion of loads of heaps of files from the Fire Department’s computer system. Robert F. Warner, 43, became arraigned on two prison counts earlier than Judge Bennett R. Gallo and is about to seem in court for a pretrial convention on Jan. 8.

Warner, who turned into fired from the Fire Department in July, changed into charged last month through the attorney well-known’s workplace after research by the East Greenwich police. According to filings via the lawyer standard’s office, he illegally accessed the city’s laptop server on or around June 14 and a pc belonging to the Fire Department on or around June sixteen.


The Town Council voted unanimously to hearth Warner in July while he becomes under research by the kingdom police. According to Town Manager Gail Corrigan, he became terminated due to insubordination and failure to follow orders, who became at Kent County Superior Court for the arraignment.

Warner allegedly deleted the documents before he became fired from his function, wherein he had access to the metropolis’s computer network as the Fire Department’s director of communications. The files blanketed vital fireplace alarm facts, said Corrigan. Without the files, whilst any circuits in the metropolis’s fireplace alarm gadget pass down, it takes longer to make upkeep.

“He allegedly had erased vital public protection records in town’s laptop device and as a result has placed the town’s residents in danger,” she stated.

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