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Embry-Riddle student, employee accused of hacking into school’s computer

Embry-Riddle student, employee accused of hacking into school’s computer


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Authorities say a 27-yr-old pupil and a 32-yr-antique communications expert at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are accused of hacking into the college’s pc machine.

Kevin Scott, a former PhD Scholar, is now charged with a felony after FBI and Daytona Beach Police said he hacked into the university’s system to retrieve passwords and information. Police arrested Scott Thursday after a year-long investigation. They additionally stopped college employee Jeanette Barrott, who helped Scott in line with authority.

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In an arrest affidavit, Scott advised investigators he stole as a minimum six administrator passwords and boasted, if I desired to, I could furnish myself card get admission to every available door on the campus.”

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University spokesman James Roddey stated they contacted police after their security gadget detected the hack. “When the intrusion becomes first detected, we started operating very carefully to replace and make certain all of the safety in places and made certain they worked as they ought to,” Roddey said, “which they did.” According to the police document, Scott despatched this a describing university security, which read, “They seriously have accounts that have domain administrator rights which have a password of p@ssw0rd… That hasn’t changed in ten years.”

Officials stated Scott told investigators he had accessed the school’s servers for two or three years but had no cause to purpose harm. Investigators said Barnett knew of Scott’s behavior and failed to document it.

Roddey stated that college students need to trade their passwords every six months, and the body of workers should also exchange their passwords periodically. He said they have a two-step identification system to log onto the intranet, and it’s unclear whether administrators additionally have that identical requirement.

Barrott is married to Scott’s PhD Marketing consultant. The marketing consultant has no longer been charged. Roddey stated personal and monetary records have been in no way compromised all through the hack.

school's computer

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school's computer

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