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Exciting Mobile Games for Handheld Gaming Pros

Exciting Mobile Games for Handheld Gaming Pros


The world of gaming has undoubtedly changed a lot in the last few decades. While all of us adore pixelated classics from the past, it’s safe to say that today’s video games look a lot different from what they did back then. However, one of the best achievements in gaming today has to be the quick rise of mobile gaming. Within a decade, gaming on smartphones has reached some incredible heights, bringing with it a new era of handheld gaming that only a few consoles managed before. If you’re a fan of this trend and looking for some great games to catch up on, here’s where you can start.

Handheld Gaming Pros

Live Casino Games

Some of the most entertaining games you play on mobile right now are live casino games like the ones at casino777. Combining the classic gaming experience you get with Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack with the modern trend of live streaming tech, live casino games bring immersive gameplay that’s nearly unmatched. Of course, these games are quite popular because of their potential to win you real money. Coupled with the top-notch bonuses online casinos often hand out, Live Casino games are a go-to everyone should try out.


If there’s one genre of games that people can’t ever seem to get enough of, it’s MOBAs. Following games like League of Legends’ success on PC, Vainglory brings MOBAs to the mobile platform for on-the-go fun. Vainglory closely follows the classic MOBA formula of pitting two players’ teams against each other in an intense strategy-filled battle. The game boasts a ton of playable characters, great visuals, and intuitive controls that are a massive achievement on their own for games like this on mobile.

Black Desert Mobile

Whether we want to admit it or not, one of the best periods for gaming was the early 2000s, when MMORPGs ruled all of our PC screens. These games are still relevant nowadays, which is very apparent when you look at Black Desert Mobile. The game is an instant classic that anyone can get lost in for hours and doesn’t require an insane gaming rig as you’d expect. It takes some of the best elements from MMORPGs before it, such as the class and leveling system, the gorgeous open world, and different spell variations. Luckily, it also boasts a ton of excellent raids!

Fortnite Mobile

It might seem like yesterday that Fortnite popped up on everyone’s radar, but it’s been years since the incredibly successful game has been in our lives. To the pleasure of all mobile fans, Fortnite quickly released a mobile version of the game, one that manages not to strip down the parts that make it great on PC and Consoles. The Battle Royale is still doing incredibly well across all platforms, and the best part about it is that cross-platform play is an option! Whether you’re on mobile, a PS4, or a PC, you can compete with your friends and celebrate a Battle Royale after a good game!

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