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This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming


This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming


James Davenport: A new wish

Obsidian is saying a new RPG at The Game Awards next week. As someone that by no means jived with the drab delusion of Pillars of Eternity, the teaser photographs for this new thing are doing it for me, particularly within the wake of Fallout 76’s disastrous launch. It’s not going to be a brand new Fallout game, however, it positive gives me Fallout vibes. The near-affirmation that Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarski, vets from the primary two Fallout games, are working on this new factor has me specifically hopeful that the retrofuturist RPG-formed hole in my coronary heart will quickly be crammed. I wager we’ll find out quickly sufficient.

Tom Senior: Light Club

I used to assume that RGB lighting fixtures became a needless, superficial addition to a battle station, however… oh, wait I still think that. Then why did I purchase a Razer keyboard, mouse and glowing Razer mousemat this week? It ought to have been a combination of Cyber Monday madness and terrible impulse manipulate. Either way, my desk can now glow softly to the hue of one billion colours it can flash and strobe to every key press, or ripple its way through the rainbow.

Has it progressed my Battlefield K/D? Absolutely now not, however, I’m sort of in love with it. I’ve moved away from a number of the extra garnish settings and settled on a golden glow to fit this great Deus Ex wallpaper to give my whole setup a futuristic transhuman air of mystery. What have I turned out to be?

Fraser Brown: Attack of the Pixels

I was given myself a new PC closing month, however, I handiest got around to selecting out a brand new display this week. It’s big, it has many pixels and it’s excellent. It has had a dramatic effect on my video games, though. I’ve been stuck in a 1080p universe for too long and gosh have I been lacking out. I’ve spent days simply downloading games so I can gawk and gasp earlier than moving onto the next one. The one little bit of eye candy I’ve stuck round to play is, incredibly, Star Wars Battlefront 2, which currently got a replacement with a brand new map and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The map is Geonosis and it is tons, plenty better than the whole thing of Attack of the Clones.

Battlefront 2 is a stupefyingly quite game, handiest made greater distracting by means of the brand new reveal, even as Geonosis, regardless of being shrouded in a sandstorm, is simultaneously beautiful and bleak. It’s a rocky wasteland of destroyed ships and floor cars, with enforcing Geonosian domes looming in the distance. If your appearance up, you can even see the Geonosians themselves, flitting around inside the sky. The march of the Republic walkers is quite much like Hoth and other battles, but the topography of the map makes a whole lot of distinction, as does the reality that there are ten weaker walkers as opposed to the indomitable pair of AT-ATs. I’ve only played some rounds, so I’m nonetheless simply taking part in that new map odour, however, I’ve very well loved being relentlessly shot.Image result for This week's highs and lows in PC gaming

Pip: The 100 Club

Because of the manner publishing works, November becomes the remaining month of the PC Gamer mag “Play one hundred games in 12 months” challenge. I turned into soaring across the low nineties as we headed into the final week so I positioned out a call on Twitter for small, cool tasks I may have overlooked. Within one afternoon I’d dragged myself over the end line, and inside approximately 3 days I’d constructed up a slush fund of games I could put toward a new venture!

I suppose my preferred part of the project was that it definitely did push me to play a bit differently. I started out too big games out of my backlog which I’ve been which means to get round to, and I finally picked up and played others which I’ve heard about but had held off buying due to the fact I wasn’t positive I’d get spherical to fitting them in. Particular joys were Opus Magnum, a 2D mechanical puzzle recreation from Zachtronics with an alchemical storyline, and Emily Is Away, the story of a dating which performs out thru an instant messenger window.

You can study approximately how all and sundry else on the mag’s venture went in the subsequent trouble. And if you’re curious approximately taking the challenge on yourself in 2019, right here’s wherein you could download the tracker web page!Image result for This week's highs and lows in PC gaming

Chris Livingston: Sea trade

After weeks spent playing Fallout seventy-six, it becomes a whole and utter joy to dive lower back into Sea of Thieves ultimate night. Rare’s open global pirate game is already beautiful but it becomes a shock to my device to abruptly be back inner a vibrant, colourful, dazzlingly lovable international once more after so much time in the muted publish-apocalypse of West Virginia. In between carrying off huge scores of treasure and having a drunken live performance in the pub (entire with barfing), we were attacked by a Megalodon and a Kraken and crashed our ship into multiple islands. The relaxation of the time I spent simply gazing on the waves and sunsets. It becomes first-rate fun, completely relaxing, and a pleasant change of tempo. Sandy seashores and funky blue waves had been a treat for my eyes after so much grim, post-nuke surroundings.

Tyler Wilde: In control

Last week I cited that I’d be buying a cheap Logitech controller, one that I used to use before dropping it among movements. I did, and it’s right here, and I’ve been gambling Rocket League with all of its weeks. And guess what? My fingers harm. The outcropping that houses the bumpers rubs towards the knuckle of my left centre finger, and the bumpers themselves require too much force to hold down. But bet what else? It might just be in my head, however, I experience like I’m playing higher. I seem to miss my jumps less, never mashing the A button as opposed to tapping it twice after I need to, and the analogue stick feels simpler to control.

It truly probably is in my head: most seasoned Rocket League players use an Xbox One controller, that’s what I became the use of formerly, and I guarantee that none of them uses a Logitech F310. I found out to play Rocket League with it, although, so it truly is likely why it feels better to me even in spite of everything this time. But irrespective of. What’s brilliant approximately the PC is that we are able to all choose what works pleasant for us, whether or not it’s a $15 hunk of cheap input tool that does not absolutely make you play better, or a high-priced Xbox Elite Controller that still does not make you play higher.

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