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END OF THE WORLD: Rise of technology will spark ‘RETURN OF JESUS’

END OF THE WORLD: Rise of technology will spark ‘RETURN OF JESUS’


Some Christians believe Jesus Christ will soon go back to Earth on the way to spark armageddon. Believers claim there may be many signs, and one is the technological revolution which is in complete swing. One Christian conspiracy theorist believes it’s far fully laid out in the bible that when era consumes our lives, which means Jesus’ return is approaching.

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  • One passage especially catches the attention in terms of a technological rise.

Daniel 12:four NLT reads: “Seal up the e-book till the time of the end, when many will rush right here and there, and know-how will increase growth.” The line “information will help growth” has been interpreted because of the rise of technology.

Are You Safe Online? (2019) Computer Users Urged To Check This Antivirus List. Are You Safe Online? (2019) Computer Users Urged To Check This Antivirus List. (The Top 10 Best Providers) Christian blog Sign Post of the End Times writes: “General know-how, (technology for example), will exponentially boom just previous to Jesus Christ’s return to Earth.

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“We can honestly see how that is occurring within the fields of genetics, robotics, synthetic intelligence, quantum computing, etc.” This is seemingly not the most effective sign of Jesus’s go back, consistent with the weblog. The writer states that a boom in CCTV is paving the way for the Antichrist to take over the world. The is supposedly obvious from the passage in Revelation thirteen:7 NIV, which reads: “It changed into given strength to salary conflict towards God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it turned into given authority over each tribe, people, language and kingdom.”


“CCTV is paving the manner for the Antichrist to take over the world” (Image: GETTY) Sign Post of the End Times interprets this, by way of announcing: “Advances in surveillance generation is fast bringing about the ability of governments everywhere to enforce Orwellian surveillance/police states a good way to be capable of the monitor and manage every citizen. “One day this may come to be global below the guideline of the destiny Antichrist as he could be given authority over every man, girl, and child on planet Earth.”


Every properly Christian is acquainted with the story of Jesus Christ’s Passion. If you are not a Christian but have visible the film, The Passion of the Christ, it’s difficult to overlook the ugly components – His brutal chastisement, the hard way to the cross, and the scary crucifixion. From early medieval artwork to trendy movies, most kinds of media display a fatigued, hunched over Jesus carrying the wooden pass to Golgatha (the region of the skull) in which He was crucified. Yet, many scholars accept that Christ most effectively carried the crossbeam on which his wrists have been nailed. Many others are traditionalists who agree that artwork confirms the “entire” go view. Incredibly, the Bible never states that Jesus carried His own pass, except inside the Book of John: Carrying his own go, he went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is known as Golgotha) (John 19:17, NIV). All of the alternative Gospels include Simon of Cyrene as the reluctant man who helps Jesus on the way to Golgatha. However, I agree that Christ bore the partial or complete weight of the cross.

In my opinion, the Shroud of Turin is the well-known, big fabric is the authentic linen in which the quickly dead body of Christ lay for 3 days. It bears the imprint of the frame of Jesus. By cautious evaluation of the biological and forensic proof, we will learn about how Jesus suffered.

Jesus turned into in such weakened condition from the scourging he may want to convey the crossbeam itself barely. Big straight diagonal abrasions on the bottom of the Shroud are marked from the proper shoulder blade right down to the left. Jesus’ fingers and fingers have been having crossbeam. It could have been heavy for a person who had now not been severely beaten, like Simon of Cyrene, to carry Jesus’ crossbeam. According to Dr. Pierre Barbet, early groundbreaking creator of A Doctor at Calvary: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, As Described with the aid of a Surgeon, the crossbeam referred to as the patibulum would have weighed approximately 125 pounds and the massive vertical pole-the stipes could have weighed 250 pounds. (Location 861, Kindle)

To make subjects worse, Jesus’ fingers and fingers were tied to the crossbeam. So, he could not have walked half a mile to Golgatha without falling because he navigated the choppy, hard terrain with naked feet. The Shroud reveals proof that Christ’s nose appears to be damaged and his right cheek swollen – injuries constant with one or numerous falls while bearing the crossbeam so long as he did. Under microscopic analysis, the Shroud indicates dust and lime debris on His face.

When Jesus and Simon arrived at the crucifixion web page, the pabulum and Jesus were set down on the ground. Then, Roman squaddies drove nails through his wrists. Afterward, they hoisted the acetabulum and Jesus up on a wedge located inside the middle of the stipes (pole), which had already been set into the floor. Then a nail turned into driven thru his feet. This form of go is known as a “tau” cross within the form of a “T”.

On the alternative hand, lots of trendy Shroud students believe that Christ carried the complete move. According to Andrè Marion & Gerard Lucotte, French authors of the 2006 groundbreaking e-book, The Shroud of Turin and the Argenteuil Tunic, Jesus bore the whole move. Using computer modeling, which analyzed the back of the Shroud, they discovered that there had been more than two abrasion marks on the Shroud; there were nine blood marks that correspond to the tunic Jesus became wearing (John 19:23-24). Marks at the tunic imply a movement pattern created by the stress of the complete cross- the patibulum and the stripes – on his lower back, regardless of the tunic which buffered the bruises.

What approximately the 2 diagonal bruise marks throughout his back? The new automatic records indicate greater bruises that shape a perpendicular pass sample from his bruised shoulders to where the stipes met the pabulum among and under each shoulder blade. Marion’s evaluation of the Shroud and the Tunic of Argenteuil proposes that the vertical beam’s top part was carried on the left shoulder, even as the horizontal beam’s complete weight fell on the right shoulder. This would possibly have dislocated His shoulder.

But Jesus could not have carried a cross weighing 350 kilos. However, for Jesus to have carried the whole cross-the stipes (vertical pole) and the acetabulum (move beam) -might have weighed a lot, much less. According to legend, in 326 AD, Helena, the mom of Emperor Constantine of Rome, made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to locate the area of Christ’s cross. Witnesses remarked that not handiest did she find Jesus cross in a place under Golgatha, however, the crosses of the criminals. She couldn’t determine which cross belonging to Jesus, so a terminally ill female touched every go till she laid her hand on the one which miraculously made her sickness vanish.

Helena took the relics associated with the crucifixion back to Rome. In the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, the pabulum of the good thief is displayed. It measures 180 cm lengthy x 13 cm width x 13 cm high. Its weight is 20 kg or 45 pounds. It’s anticipated that the stipes measured 250 cm long x eleven.5 cm width x 11. Five cm is high. Its weight is 25 kg or fifty-five kilos. So, the full weight of Jesus’ go might be about 90 kilos. (From an anonymous article, Why Jesus Carried the Whole Cross and Not Only the Patibulum.) Interestingly enough, this evidence supports the truth that the bruise marks were identical size-among eleven to thirteen cm long.

Jesus might have had severe trouble walking, confined to a forty-five-pound patibulum set up on simply his shoulders with his arms and hands tied to it. By bearing the entire 90-pound cross, He would have had his hands unfastened whilst dragging some of its weight in the back of him. So, if Jesus bore a much lighter complete cross, it would be the conventional “Latin” go- a “t”.

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