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Can a two-day conference solve the world’s migration issues?

Can a two-day conference solve the world’s migration issues?


According to the United Nations, Marrakech, Morocco – There had been 258 million international migrants inside the international closing yr, growing almost 50 percent because 2000. If all the global’s worldwide migrants lived in a unmarried country, it might be the arena’s fifth-largest populace, in step with a Pew Research Center record.

The number of migrants representing three. Four percent of the arena’s population is growing faster than the worldwide populace, driven with the aid of monetary prosperity, inequality, violence, warfare, and climate alternate.

But the migration is not safe, either at some point of transit or once the united states of destination are reached. According to Missing Migrants, an International Organization for Migration (IOM) venture monitoring major migration routes around the arena, extra than 3, three hundred human beings have “died or long gone missing in the technique of migrations toward a global vacation spot” in 2018. Even in transit nations or countries of destination, racism, discrimination, and human rights violations are constantly said.

world's migration issues

To ease issues and issues related to migration, an intergovernmental conference intending to adopt the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) formally is taking vicinity in Marrakech, Morocco, on December 10 and eleven.

What is the GCM?

The GCM is a international agreement drafted after an 18-month-long consultation between the UN and various stakeholders, including authorities officials from member states, migrants, human rights enterprises, and NGOs.

According to the UN, the GCM “compiles principles, rights, and duties from existing global law instruments concerning migration, and identifies satisfactory practices in all migration regions”. A non-binding agreement aims to better manage migration at local, national, regional, and international tiers, decreasing the dangers and vulnerabilities the migrants face at distinct levels in their adventure.

“This puts in the vicinity a framework for the destiny. The GCM has 23 targets, and we think through implementing them, there could be the rule of law, much less abuse faced via migrants and better control of security and border controls,” Charbel Raji, a UN spokesperson, instructed Al Jazeera.

world's migration issues

WATCH: Stranded in Bosnia, refugees determined to attain Western Europe (3:00) Who isn’t always attending? The p.C. Changed into permitted in July by way of all 193 member nations except the US, which backed out last 12 months. Australia, the Netherlands, and Austria are the handiest countries that have formally refused to return the GCM, notwithstanding being part of the process.

In addition, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, and Italy have both refused to attend the convention or ruled out signing the agreement. “It is simplest regrettable that member states engaged within the method will no longer be a part of the event,” said Raji.

“Some of the reasons given aren’t even correct, as an instance, the percent now not respecting national sovereignty. Migration guidelines for one united States are not identical to any other., and the states stay unfastened to decide their guidelines.”

What effect will that have at the GCM?

While UN officials are assured it won’t affect the final results of the conference and what it aimed to get out of it, rights agencies question why the organization did now not cope with the difficulty earlier.

“The US withdrew at an early level, and the UN changed into well aware about that, and it still went ahead with the compact,” stated Youssef Ait Akdim, a board member of a Morocco-based rights institution, GADEM.

“We see many European countries withdrawing and stepping aside. I’m certain the UN is disappointed; however, the fact is that public opinion in European nations is very radicalized, and the proper-wing parties are very vocal.”

In the Netherlands, a latest opinion poll confirmed forty-one percentage of human beings are against signing the % versus 34 percent in favor, consistent with the Reuters news organization.

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