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Admitted killer sentenced to 3 life terms plus max 230 years

Admitted killer sentenced to 3 life terms plus max 230 years


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – A Nebraska man convicted of killing his spouse has pleaded guilty to killing his dad and mom, and niece and will spend the rest of his lifestyle in jail.

Douglas County District Court data say forty six-12 months-antique John Dalton Jr. entered the pleas Monday to 3 counts of first-diploma homicide and 4 gun counts; however, he supplied no explanation for his movements.

Dalton became sentenced to 3 life phrases plus as much as 230 years in jail. “They’re seeking out answers – and they may be asking masses of questions – however, from time to time, there are none. It’s just pure evil,” leader deputy Douglas County lawyer Brenda Beadle said.

Prosecutors say Dalton shot 70-yr-vintage John Dalton Sr., 65-12 months-old Jean Dalton, and 18-year-antique Leonna Dalton-Phillip in Omaha closing December. Police say his 6-yr-old niece was also present, but she hid beneath a sofa and turned into capable of perceiving John Dalton Jr. As the shooter. He became captured in Jackson, Tennessee.

Admitted killer sentenced

Dalton pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1998, capturing his wife, Shannon Dalton. He became imprisoned for 11 years and paroled in 2010. All three of the couple’s daughters were home throughout 1998 capturing. Dalton’s youngest daughter, Alicia Dalton, stated Monday that the deaths of her grandparents and cousin were devastating.

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Admitted killer sentenced

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