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Wish You Were Here Extravaganza: Our readers’ travel tips and adventures

Wish You Were Here Extravaganza: Our readers’ travel tips and adventures

GERMANY: Lafayette’s Grover family — Dan, Kimberly, Taye (16), Ian (14), and Mia (7) — traveled to Germany and Switzerland this summer alongside grandparents Phil and Susan Grover from Concord. “We launched into a 16-day adventure this summer with our own family,” Kimberly says. “We flew into Berlin, after which traveled by train to Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Munich, Lucerne, Murren, and Zurich. It became a laugh to do a mixture of large towns and extra remoted villages. Favorites protected a boat ride down the Spree River in Germany, the Night Watchman’s excursion in Rothenburg, and a day at Mount Pilatus in Switzerland with a thrilling mountain luge experience!”
Travel tip: “Pack one rolling suitcase each and take the teach from city to metropolis. The trains had been a smooth way to peer a lot of each nation and provided a calming destroy while visiting between destinations.”
SINGAPORE: San Ramon citizens Bill Lepere and his daughter Allison, a Sonoma State scholar, visited Singapore lately on a journey that blanketed a visit to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. “Singapore is a stunning tropical city with contemporary homes after older colonial buildings built when it changed into a British colony,” Bill says.
Travel hints: “We suggest a local excursion group to peer a few of the stunning parks and sites. The chief of the excursion institution supplied many suggestions on journeying thru the metropolis on our personal through using the mass transit device. We used this for the relaxation of the trip.”
ALABAMA: A four-country Civil Rights excursion of the Deep South took former Willow Glen High School classmates Gary Madden, Susan McCarthy, and Gloria Loventhal — alongside their spouses Lisa Madden and Richard Pederson and tour mates Bill Freeman of Hillsborough and Terry Becker of Oakland — across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. “In 1965, a vote casting registration campaign grew to become tragic while an African-American guy becomes shot to demise via a state trooper,” Leventhal says. “This event became observed by using a fifty-four-mile protest march from Selma to Bernard Law Montgomery led by Reverend Martin Luther King.
Jr. And Reverend Ralph Abernathy.”
Travel tip: “Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster journey as you revisit Civil Rights records with Nation Magazine Tours.” <br />Ginny and Jerry Kaminski, from San Jose, visited the Greenland ice cap in September. (Courtesy of the Kaminski circle of relatives) Courtesy of the Kaminski family. GREENLAND: Ginny and Jerry Kaminski, from San Jose, visited the Greenland ice cap in September. “We made it to seventy-eight—five deg. N latitude before our deliver changed into stopped via the ice,” Jerry says.

Travel pointers: “Traveling aboard a day trip deliver is aweso

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ITALY: Santa Cruz citizens Sienna and Haig White’s current ride to Italy and Greece blanketed a prevent in Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. “We chose to stay within the adorable city of Amalfi as our domestic base,” Haig says, “while we explored the coast with its picturesque cliffside cities overlooking the Mediterranean.”
Travel tips: “If you visit the Amalfi Coast and do no longer stay in Positano, take them as soon as-in-a-lifetime white-knuckle bus or taxi journey to higher Positano in which the rubber hits the street, then walk downhill to the waterfront stores and cafes. You can ferry lower back to your private home base viewing the adorable shoreline from the water.”
FRANCE: Fremont residents Annie and Raymond Lim visited the Eiffel Tower through a thirty-fifth wedding ceremony anniversary ride to Paris in August. “We had an exquisite time,” Annie says.
Travel suggestions: Local tours have been a should for visiting the metropolis’s landmarks and visitor attractions. “Tour guides helped us understand the history and lifestyle. We also signed up for the hop-on, hop-off bus to discover the town at our very own tempo. You can really hop off the bus while you need to explore more.”
MONGOLIA: Lafayette citizens Bill and Margaret Espey’s current journey to Mongolia consisting of a forestall at the Flaming Cliffs website of the Gobi Desert. “This is an area where many essential dinosaur fossils have been
discovered,” Bill says. “It is still viable to find dinosaur fossils pretty effortlessly.”
Travel hints: “Mongolia is a captivating vicinity to visit, but it has the minimum infrastructure. Even paved roads are scarce. It is critical to have neighborhood help, which includes courses and drivers. Be organized for terribly fundamental hotels when you depart the capital. Traveling through vehicles requires long off-avenue treks in 4-wheel drive vehicles. The climate is pretty changeable and can be intense any time of the yr. Be prepared for a warmth wave, a thunderstorm, or a bloodless snap on any given day. Most united states aren’t always related to the internet, so enjoy being disconnected from your social media. The capital metropolis, Ulaanbaatar, has all the contemporary amenities, great inns, good meals, WiFi, and so forth. — and shopping for cashmere products may be quite productive.”
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CHINA: San Jose citizens Pete and Debbie Anderson took an 18-day ride to China with their grandchildren Jacob and Jessa Tobin, older daughter Leah and her husband Steve Tobin, and younger daughter Marah and her husband, Gus Straub. They spent five days in Beijing, where they visited “Mutianyu, a segment of the Great Wall just outside the metropolis,” Debbie says, “earlier than heading south to go to their maternal ancestral village in Kaiping, Guangdong Province, and ending the experience in Hong Kong.”
<br />An 18-day ride to China added the Anderson circle of relatives to Beijing, in which they visited a section of the Great Wall just outside the metropolis. (Courtesy of the Anderson own family) Courtesy of the Anderson family
Travel hints: “Always have the deal with of in which you’re leaving from and wherein you are going to written in Chinese, as many taxi drivers do no longer speak English.”
CHILE: Oakland residents Bob Chope and Bobbi Johnson visited Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, this autumn to look at the “masses of big, heavy carved stone statues or moai,” Bobbi says.
Travel suggestions: “There is a daily flight from Chile and low embarkations with cruise ships; however, harsh climate and rough seas can save you both from touchdown. We had been fortunate. Holland America presented a cruise that blanketed Easter island and had a timetable with some built-in flexibility. Once at the island, there may be an $eighty rate for a National Park card that lets in visits to all crucial websites for 10 days. You can take a prepared excursion, lease a taxi and negotiate time and price, or hire a vehicle and power yourself.
“We think the best website is Rano Raraku, the crater lake in which moai were carved. Rolling hills, winding paths, hundreds of statues, maximum in part buried, make this website absolutely memorable. Some humans hike to the historic city, Orongo, and as much as the top of the volcano – lovely views, takes a few hours. Many human beings stroll to the small predominant metropolis to shop for vacationer things and go to cafes and restaurants. The food is delicious.”
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