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We desperately need a new mobile operating system

We desperately need a new mobile operating system


I’m serious, and I want a new operating device on my smartphone. What took place to innovation? Why is there not anything new? Why does not all and sundry dare compete with Apple and Google inside the mobile world anymore? Is it in reality not possible to do that?

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An uninteresting marketplace

Just test the home windows of the stores wherein smartphones are sold: nearly all the goods on display use Android, everyone has its personal version, it’s real, but it is nevertheless Android. The others? All iPhones.

The war to create a high-quality cell running system has now grown to be the conflict to create customization appreciated using customers. The best weapons in ownership of smartphone producers, which they use to distinguish themselves at the software aspect (frequently), are frequently only cumbersome gimmicks – no longer useful in daily life.

Androidpit Samsung galaxy s7 edge panels 4

The capabilities of the Samsung Edge panel are an example of lovely but useless additions. / © ANDROIDPIT
Do you keep in mind the times when every producer had its very own operating device? I do, and I regularly remorse those moments. Even considering the cellular marketplace struggle, which started in 2013 and saw the emergence of the latest alternatives, it makes me sense melancholic.

Samsung offers its imaginative and prescient for a foldable future.

Nowadays, if you want to shop for a new device, you have no desire, however, the infinite and imperfect Android smartphones or the highly-priced and overpriced iPhone. “Be together. Not the equal” turned into Google’s motto – too awful that even though smartphones may be various and appropriate for all styles of users, each time it is some other Android tool, the excitement about new phones (at the least for me) disappears quicker and faster.

  • Android be together, however, no longer the same 980×549
  • The electricity of Android is likewise its finest weak spot. / © Google
  • What exactly do I leave out?

Variety. And I’m not speaking about approximately having special smartphones with different shapes and exceptional specs, and the sector has enough of that. I omit the enjoyment of discovering hidden functions, mastering to use a new software program from scratch, and, why no longer – studying to get around the small problems that can arise.

operating system
If you’re using an Android phone, you’re capable of using the maximum of the functions of every other Android phone, regardless of the one-of-a-kind emblem, UI, and icons. The length I cited earlier and started in 2013 saw the delivery and death of many competition of the Apple/Google duopoly, along with Microsoft’s Windows Phone (which, agree with it or no longer many users are still keen on). There additionally became Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch (that could find a new cause for dwelling thanks to Linux on DeX), Jolla’s Sailfish OS (which lately announced its three.0 models), and Samsung’s Tizen (nevertheless used at the enterprise’s wearables). Not to mention the already loss of life HP and Palm WebOS now used on LG clever TVs.

Phone 5

Sailfish OS also can be used on several ultra-modern Sony gadgets. / © AndroidPIT
Each different system had (or has) its own regulations, interface, and manner of interacting with gadgets. When Apple still used handiest the home physical button inside the big frames of its iPhone and whilst Google used the on-screen navigation keys that we nonetheless recognize nowadays, competitors like WebOS, Sailfish OS, and Ubuntu Touch already exploited futuristic gestures.

Goodbye navigation buttons, you might not be overlooked

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Sailfish OS is a working gadget evolved by using the Marc Dillon crew for one-surpassed use. Ubuntu Touch, the converged device for smartphones, drugs, and PCs with a metamorphic UI and community assistance. WebOS, the king of multitasking. All projects from which each Apple and Google have drawn many ideas.

Bq ubuntu 03. Multitasking on Ubuntu Touch in movement. / © ANDROIDPIT, Even Google, was given bored of Android. Yes, even the organization that allowed Android to develop and spread like a virus seems to have had enough of it. We aren’t speaking about executives, who obviously see Android as a source of virtually inexhaustible income, but approximately the developers themselves. That’s why some years in the past, the organization began to increase a parallel venture referred to as Fuchsia OS. It is based on the new Magenta kernel (no Linux, used on Android and beyond).


Fuchsia: Google’s new operating device might not update Android fuchsia armadillo home stories. With Fuchsia, we begin from scratch. No Android, no Linux. / © AndroidPIT. Not handiest is the organization trying out the machine internally on many of its personal devices, but external manufacturers also appear interested in the idea. One of the modern-day reports on the internet mentions Huawei, who seems to be attempting Fuchsia on his Honor Play and has labored to make the OS bootable at the Kirin 970.

Rumors about Huawei constructing its very own operating gadget have been circulating for a long term. What if perhaps the organization turned into operating with Google to perfect Fuchsia? What if Huawei became for Fuchsia what HTC turned into for Android? The questions are becoming complicated, and I will, in all likelihood, not obtain any answers inside the close to destiny. Let’s hope Huawei does not come to be just like the Taiwanese company.

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Are you furthermore might bored stiff with what the cellphone marketplace has to provide? Do you observe it’s far not possible to interrupt the duopoly of Google and Apple? Let us understand within the comments. 9 comments thirteen Gavin Runeblade 1 day in the past Link to remark. I doubt it will occur from the West; however, soon, one of the Chinese manufacturers will make its own. And I’m quality with a new OS coming alongside and disrupting things so long as it’s no longer Chrome OS. That needs to die.

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