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The web design trends brands need to prepare for in 2019

The web design trends brands need to prepare for in 2019


2019 is ready to look at e-commerce income boom via 19.Five% globally, presenting a possibility to savvy manufacturers who’re up to the mark at the latest internet layout traits and tendencies to pressure massive extra market proportion. But what do manufacturers need to bear in mind in 2019 to ensure that they supply relevant standout online design, and consequently, sales?

Mobile First

It was crucial to implement the cell’s first layout in 2019. In 2015 cellular searches overtook those on the laptop, making cellular seek the best seek form internationally. By this, Google has changed which sites they index first — they now prioritize cell sites over those that aren’t mobile-friendly.

However, it’s worth bearing in thoughts that this push toward cell first layout isn’t simply primarily based on rating elements or search engine optimization; the visible result has to decorate the person’s experience on the tool that they may maximum probably be looking from.

This recognition on cell first requires a fundamental shift inside the way that websites are designed. Once, a site could most uncomplicated be created for a computing device or computer pc, and a cell-pleasant or cell responsive design might be added as nicely. Today, it’s essential to lay out the cell person first before growing a model on the way to stand out for those on desktops.


Transferring micro-animations and feedback loops – that supply movement when hovering over an icon – help make websites extra usable and attractive. The information of the micro-interactions: the button clicks and the web page transitions can significantly improve a person’s enjoyment in your site, meaning they’re some distance more likely to return. This meaningful movement, connecting action with a response, satisfies a person’s preference for interactivity. And with contact interfaces, especially on small screens, it has by no means been more fabulous essential to deliver motion in micro-animations and remarks loops to make the interplay easy and guide customers on their journey to check out.

Custom and traditional fonts

Expect a pass lower back to custom and conventional font design – easy but formal – with more extensive and bolder typefaces and a flow away from humanist fonts as manufacturers intention to standout in opposition to the proliferation of humanist typefaces.


Bright colors ought to be used greater liberally in 2019 to supply extra standout. The remaining years have seen an explosion of huge, bold color across the net. More brands are increasingly deciding to apply their center packaging emblem colorations as backing for their images, with clashing tones shifting far away from the edgy begin-united states of America into the mainstream. Those who’ve embraced arresting colors consist of The Premier League, Sky, and eBay. Though endure in mind, a conventional font design and brilliant colorations received’t be suitable for all. The preference of font and shades must be ideal for the values of the emblem and resonate with the audience they’re concentrated on.

Optimize for seeking

As is continually the case, making sure the layout of your website is optimized for seeking algorithms is vital. Developments in internet layout will be pushed via what Google’s constantly evolving seek algorithm looks for. To this cease, ensure that the communicated content applies to your target audience and write as naturally as possible. Google appears for sincere, human-generated content. Of course, this must be excellent content to inspire others to have weblinks returned on your website online to aid your search engine marketing efforts. If users need to proportion your reproduction, this highlights to Google which you are a treasured aid, and the reward in your efforts can be an advanced natural seek ranking.

Speed web design trends

With studies revealing that over 1/2 of purchasers go away from an internet site if it takes more than three seconds to load, websites ought to be designed with velocity in thought. Also, the quicker your website online masses, the better it’ll rank in search effects, especially in Google seek. This isn’t always to mention that websites need to be sparse affairs with confined content and imagery for speed. With better broadband, it’s an awful lot simpler to have photo and content material-heavy websites that may load quickly. However, when you have an app, it’s seriously well worth thinking about hosting it on a Progressive Web App (PWA) for pace purposes. A PWA can be launched from a home screen and maybe equipped in less than a 2d, frequently beating native apps in load times.

All manufacturers need to continuously evolve their net design to stand out and supply an exciting revel to their customers that generate income. By recognizing and having those six net design points in front of thoughts, brands could be nicely located for a worthwhile 2019 online.

James Pruden is studio director at Xigen.

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