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Winnie Harlow May or May Not be Starting a Beauty Line

Winnie Harlow May or May Not be Starting a Beauty Line


Get past two protection strains, and a overwhelm of Gucci-clad ladies. You will arrive at L’Eden with the aid of Perrier-Jouët, a days-lengthy oceanside birthday celebration thrown through the champagne brand and hosted—at the least for a night—with the aid of Winnie Harlow.

Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Teyana Taylor, the 24-yr-antique model has touched down in Miami Beach for the Art Basel honest, together with its limitless parties and #sponcon moments.

Factor case: this night, Harlow is the guest DJ for Perrier-Jouët’s wall-to-wall model birthday party, donning gem-encrusted headphones and gamely posing with popping bottles. Is luxury champagne a big sufficient bribe for celeb secrets? Let’s see…

  • Winnie Harlow
  • So you’re the DJ this night?
  • I mean, sort of? I suppose I’m simply ‘curating’ the track this night…

Do you have got another creative job you’d love to do? I’m genuinely into makeup—doing make-up, checking out makeup, creating make-up. I virtually love beauty merchandise; I usually have. I actually have something in the works proper now; certainly, however, I can not talk approximately it but.

Starting a Beauty Line

Can you talk about your most essential beauty merchandise? The two matters I won’t go away from the house without are my eyebrows performed and lip gloss. Actually, lip gloss changed into my old flame—greasy, buttery, sparkly lips, and that turned into my access into splendor.

Does champagne depend on a beauty product? Well, it’s stunning! I drink mine ice cold. I love rosé, but I also love brut so that I could do either one. I changed into a champagne fan before I started modeling—it’s constantly been a favorite drink. Winnie Harlow Victoria’s Secret GETTY IMAGES it’s been a month since Victoria’s Secret display was filmed and every week since it aired. Now which you’ve had some time to process it, how do you feel approximately it? It still feels surreal. It aired last weekend, and we had the viewing celebration in New York. Watching myself on TV, it felt the precise same manner as whilst we filmed it—just so excited, so in awe of everything.

When you notice photos of yourself on the runway, are you a perfectionist or just actually satisfied? I suggest you can constantly do better; there’s usually room for development. But I became truely pleased with my walk, and I experienced like I did a absolutely proper process.

Would you want to walk next 12 months?

Who wouldn’t?! Everything becomes well worth it. I’m even looking at photographs of me a few weeks again—it turned into a month in the past when we walked—and I’m like, “Oh, wow, I really want to move back to the health club.” I haven’t been because earlier than the display, and I’m certainly kind of over it. I’ve been eating pasta, ordering cupcakes, everything.

You’re a Leo. However, your birthday is in July, so sort of on the cusp. Do you feel 100% lioness?  I’m actually a full-blown Leo, but I’m a Cancer rising. That’s why I’m so emotional. So I’m heartfelt because of my Leo developments, but I’m also susceptible due to my Cancer tendencies. And that’s plenty. [Laughing] Those two matters together may be hard!

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