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Papua New Guinea’s electoral commissioner gets court order to stop blogger calling him ‘tomato’

Papua New Guinea’s electoral commissioner gets court order to stop blogger calling him ‘tomato’


The Electoral Commission acquired a court order restraining well-known blogger Martyn Namorong from tweeting or sharing allegedly defamatory statements approximately commissioner Patilias Gamato.

Mr. Namorong had been certainly one of many people the use social media to criticize the conduct of PNG’s national elections, which might be underway in the meanwhile. Mr. Gamato said he was insulted while Mr. Namorong commenced substituting the phrase tomato for his surname. “He made some defamatory statements and also referred to as my last name, that is Gamato as ‘tomato,'” he stated. “I do not appear to be a tomato; I’m a man or woman.”

A headshot of blogger Martyn Namorong sporting an eye-fixed mask and mouth gag. PHOTO: Blogger Martyn Namorong has been sharing pics of himself masked and gagged. (Facebook: Martyn Namorong). The commissioner said he turned into in particular harm with the aid of an edited photo, which Mr. Namorong denies posting, of tomato around his head.

“He put a massive tomato on my head. What if he did that to you?” he stated. Mr. Namorong said he had yet to be served the actual order; however, he shared a photograph of himself masked and gagged in protest.

The Electoral Commission and Mr. Gamato had been a problem to substantial grievance considering polls opened on June 24, due to embarrassing delays in polling, irregularities in the logistics and protection arrangements, and the arrest of 3 senior election officials in Port Moresby.

How to Become a Professional Blogger – 2017

The term blogger became famous inside the late Nineties, and the success memories of humans in this discipline led many to recall the way to grow to be a professional in running a blog. There is a big influence that it is simple to emerge as a pro blogger. However, the truth is that it’s far as hard as any effort trying to earn first-rate earnings. Running a blog is an ardor for a few humans, and the money that goes with it comes handiest as secondary.

Just like any undertaking, there are requirements to emerge as an expert blogger. Anybody can be a blogger, but you must don’t forget the following to be regarded in this area.

You should love to jot down.

The ardor to write down should be there, first of all. It has to be no longer only a spur-of-the-moment desire to go surfing and create a website. Every running blog internet site you notice that ranks nicely in search engines have first-rate content in it. Contents are written phrases that attract visitors.

Start with your understanding.

You should have the expertise or at least enjoy what you’ll be writing about. So many bloggers just write approximately something beneath the solar because it is straightforward to investigate records on the internet and rewrite the ideas of other humans. Although it is also one way to go, it is tough to be recognized as a professional blogger if there may be glaringly no information on the subjects being written.

Study search engine optimization

A few professional bloggers made it without actually concentrating a lot on the use of SEO strategies. They are the elite few who’ve centered on a spot that takes place to be their knowledge and without problems earned natural visitors to their website online. But they’re a unique class of bloggers who were broadly speaking, have a strong offline community. To make sure, you need to look at at least the basics of search engine optimization to emerge as an expert blogger.


Set up an internet site

Get a domain call and sign in it so that you will have identification on your website. Some bloggers start with a free platform, but you must start with a paid website if you want to emerge as an expert in this subject.

Monetize your web page

An expert blogger is a person who earns from the weblog website that he places up. One can not be referred to as an expert if he is not income from what he does, which is also true in blogging. There are loads of methods to monetize a website, and it is just a rely on choosing the excellent on your web page.

The period expert blogger truly has no clear-cut definition. One may think that he is a professional, but others may think otherwise. But the commonplace barometer to be known as one is the capacity to attract lots of particular traffic to the website in addition to the income potential.

This Is A Very Interesting Article. Step using Step Guide How To Become a Professional Blogger in 2017 three Free And Simple Ways to Market Your Blog. Many people are turning to the internet as a manner to do business from home. And that is why blogging has grown to be so popular. The online international is data pushed because people come to locate solutions to their most urgent questions.

And when you have a weblog complete of relative information that offers them the solutions they’re searching out, you then have the capability to no longer most effectively help many human beings, however, to earn cash on the line. Sadly although, for maximum bloggers, they simply can not get sufficient visitors, and without enough eyes on their pages, they cannot make sufficient cash.

They fail to apprehend that marketing a weblog is extra crucial than growing it in the first area, as it’s not precise making something that no person will see. So if you’re having trouble increasing the wide variety of site visitors for your weblog, right here are three approaches that are no longer handiest easy to do, but they won’t fee you a penny. Of direction, there are many approaches to market your weblog, but these 3 methods will get you a big rapid impact.

1. Article Marketing. This is a virtually effective way to get visitors to your blog. You can write articles for online article directories like EzineArticles.Com so that others cannot simplest read them. However, they can also publish them on their own website alongside your creator aid container, which contains a link returned on your internet site. You can also write guest weblog posts for different sites. A quick Google search will help you find blogs and websites that be given guest posts.

2. Instagram/Pinterest. These are social media websites in which you submit/pin attractive snapshots from your blog at the side of a link to the web page the photograph is on. This works well for food blogs or different sorts that depend closely on pics like blogs approximately travel, crafts, weddings, or animals. Pinterest is likewise a search engine, so your “Pins” will display up in seek engine effects.

3. Facebook/Twitter/Google+. These are also social media websites where you can’t find the handiest location hyperlinks to your new weblog posts. However, you may also automate it so that a link to it’s far automatically uploaded to your social media pages on every occasion you post a submit. So in case your blog daily creates some traffic lower back to your site.

These are just three of the numerous methods to marketplace your weblog on an ongoing foundation. To be distinctly powerful, marketing needs to e continuously done. As the great marketer, Mike Littman, usually said, “You’re either regular, or you’re non-existent.” So ensure you exist online using advertising your weblog always.

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