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How Beauty Blogger Gorgeous in Grey Cares for Her Relaxed Gray Hair

How Beauty Blogger Gorgeous in Grey Cares for Her Relaxed Gray Hair


Around the age of 14, my hair started turning grey. It wasn’t the main deal for me. My mom had grey hair, my dad had grey hair, in addition to my aunts and uncles. Grey hair becomes just rampant in our circle of relatives. It never becomes actually unusual to me, so I predicted it to occur in the end. I changed into glad once I got my first greys at 14. My hair has always been my crown — I become the woman with lengthy, grey hair, so it is usually part of me, usually been the topic of conversations. I have a truly suitable, healthful dating with my hair, which is why I unabashedly am who I am.

I began my weblog Gorgeous In Grey because, on time, the net was the type of popping, and I did not need to be outside the verbal exchange. One time all through New York Fashion Week, I became staying in a resort, and there was a phase on a TV display called “Gorgeous in Gray.” My then-boyfriend (who’s now my husband) changed into like, “Oh my God, I suppose you must name your blog after that.” Three months after, that turned into it. I offered the area and never stopped running a blog.

I wash my hair (which is comfy) perhaps every 10 days. I wash and circumstance it, mildew it with the aid of setting Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion mousse on it, putting lotion, and then wrapping it and taking a seat below the dryer for 45 mins earlier than I bump it [with volume] a bit. It’s truly smooth to maintain my hair because it’s quick and I can literally finger comb it out when I position a few curls in it. I hate washing my hair at any period, so I swear with the aid of Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash. I like it because, not like other dry shampoos for black hair, it doesn’t leave a white residue. A lot of the others are not clearly made for our hair, so Cantu has performed a simple process developing something that is still a dry shampoo but cleanses without having that white residue.



I additionally swear to use Chi products. I love their flat irons and their oils. I have their thermal protectant spray, and I love it. Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner for Blonde & Silver is a classic. My mom used it as a grey-haired female, and I use it, too.

Around as soon as a month, I do a deep condition of three components: hydrogen peroxide, water, and conditioner. That helps get rid of the brownness that paperwork from the general put on. When you’ve got grey or silver hair, even the solar can exchange its coloration and make it brown, so as a minimum, as soon as a month, I do a clarifying remedy to maintain it sincerely crisp and silver.


I went herbal for some time. However, I, for my part, didn’t like the manner my hair appeared curly. I wrote about it last 12 months on my blog. However, human beings didn’t care; that’s crazy. I think they might be greater dissatisfied if I really dyed my hair an exclusive color. But because I additionally wore my hair straightened even as a herbal, I’m now not positive they even made the relationship. It’s just less difficult for me to have a relaxer now at the same time as it is short. It becomes additionally hard to preserve the curls at bay and preserve it directly throughout the summer season. I’m growing it out now, so I may work lower back to being natural. I try to live away from warmth as much as possible; that is the opposite reason I got a relaxer. When I turned it into natural, I had to straighten it constantly to hold it straight.

Grey hair is in now. You see young ladies and younger girls wearing grey weaves and grey ombré patterns; however, the stigma still hasn’t been modified for ladies who clearly have grey hair. And that’s likely because of all our lives, we’ve been informed that having grey hair way that you’re growing older, and no person desires to age. As a society, we’re starting to look at women differently, while earlier than, in case you had grey hair, humans could say you need to dye it because you do not want to look old. But the more that that narrative modification, having grey hair will be proper and getting older will be normal,

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