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Honest Review Of Polk Audio Buckle Headphones

Honest Review Of Polk Audio Buckle Headphones


Polk Audio Buckle Headphones

Polk also manufactures headphones, did you know that? For its amazing speaker systems, Polk is highly known. One such instance is this Polk Audio Buckle headphone, named so due to its appearance resembling a belt.

The Polk Audio Buckles have numerous advantages, such as a distinctive look, strong components, a secure fit, and also nice audio quality. However, it does not mean there are not some drawbacks. Given how costly they are, it is disheartening that the headphone underemphasizes bass distortion and melodic aspects.

So, let’s now check out our Polk Audio Buckle Headphone Review to know if the headphone is worth the money or not.

Overview Of Polk Buckle Headphones

Honest Review Of Polk Audio Buckle Headphones 1

The Polk brand is detail-oriented to the core. They ensure every connection and fine-tune every angle to offer top-class products to their customers. Polk focuses on the aspects of a product that are significant to you, like fit and finish, and performance.

Something is not a member of the Polk Legacy Collection if it does not look fantastic and sound great. These Polk Audio Buckle Headphones may have a brand-new, radically fashionable appearance, and their performance well-matches their beautiful looks.

These headphones produce a type of sound that will set you apart from the competition thanks to exclusive Polk brand technologies such as POET as well as tuning of Dynamic Balance materials. A bonus is good looks. Here are a few points of the Polk Audio Buckle headphones that perfectly match the Polk heritage collection and make Polk’s obsession accomplished. Let’s have a look at the quick features

  • Superior materials, for example, lightweight, durable aluminum, and stitched leatherette for a closed-back design
  • Ergonomically designed headphones and rotating ear cups assure the Buckle fits anyone’s head perfectly for a secure fit and comfort
  • The 40mm driver is constructed using durable, lightweight PET material, accommodated in a vented compartment
  • 3 In-Built button control, as well as microphone, provide you with intuitive 1-finger control for phone calls and audio
  • Allow you to listen to music peacefully even at higher volumes because the sound barely leaks
  • In the threefold range, these over-ear headphones separate the outside noise by up to 27dB
  • This is a product that has received 5 stars


  • Brand Name: Polk Audio
  • Design: Closed-back, over-ear headphones
  • Color option: Brown
  • Special Feature: Lightweight, tangle-free-wire
  • Connectivity Technology: Completely Wireless
  • Material Used: Aluminum
  • Noise Controls: Sound Isolation
  • Headphones Jacks: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Ear Placement: These are Over-Ear headphones

What Is In The Box:

  • Over-ear headphones (off-white/brown) with an in-built microphone as well as a 3-way remote
  • User’s manual
  • 3.5mm jack and 1/4 inch Adapter
  • 48 inches Cable
  • Headphone manual
  • Cloth storage pouch
  • Product Model or Serial Number sheet
  • Quick Fit Guide

Features And Design

In general, the structure feels quite solid, especially with those big metal parts. The luxurious feeling of the earcups’ plastic surface is somewhat reduced by the impression of their shoddy construction. Since the ear cushions are linked to the metal panels of the headband at the spinning vertex, they can rotate 360° across their incline position.

The black panels that conceal the 40mm aggressive drivers of the Buckle within each cup are covered in a thick layer of padding. The drivers have a stated frequency range of an astounding 10Hz to 21.5kHz and a resistance level of 24 Ohm. Keep that lower limitation in mind when it’s time for the performance segment. Let’s now find out other special features of the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones.

The Audio

To prevent distortion from ruining your music, Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance tuning controls the internal resonant frequency of the housing and drivers. Polk’s Ideal Electro-Acoustic Tuning technique has been used to fine-tune each of the 40mm drivers.

Because of this, the sound that these headphones generate is accurate, realistic, and true to the original track. The closed-back earcups completely enclose your ears to block out outside noise, allowing you to fully appreciate the detail and smoothness these headphones deliver.

Polk attached a microphone and rocker switch to the right earcup of the Buckle instead of including a remote control in the 48-inch cord. To respond to a call on an iPhone® or manage audio playback on any other Apple device, such as an iPad®, or iPod® press the switch. To change the volume of calls and music, rock the button up and down.

The Outfit

It is hardly unexpected that Polk Audio’s Buckle headphones perfectly combine style and performance. So, we can say that Polk Audio Buckle has successfully married function as well as fashion. They have been using their speakers in this way for years, winning the favor of their clients.

Polk is known for producing high-quality, reasonably priced equipment, but these headphones surprised us with their stylish textured leatherette wrapping on the cushioned aluminum headband.

The big metallic, let’s call them buckles, contrast nicely with the leather and give these headphones the perfect amount of bling to balance out their otherwise subtle appearance.

Frequency Response

Any speaker’s frequency response is a metric of how deeply it highlights each note, from the lowest bassline to the highest treble. The Buckles’ frequency response is among the reason we claim that they offer a soothing soundscape. The Polk Audio Buckle headphone boost sub-bass to up to 82 decibels from a fixed 78 decibels tone, however, by 400 Hz they’re already fairly under-emphasizing those sounds at up to 72 decibels. By 4kHz, the intensity has dropped to as low as around 59 decibels, which is over 20 decibels softer as compared to the sub-bass frequency.

While lacking the high-pitched “punch” of upper-midrange and trebles, these bass-forward emphases do not have a terrible sound. However, the main disadvantage is that music generally loses a little of its actual edges as soon as played back through the Polk Audio Buckle headphones because great-intensity frequencies often depend on that more intimidating sound.


  • Distortion-free, powerful sound
  • Good sound quality
  • Well-defined, upper mid-range
  • Better controls for every iOS gadgets
  • Heavy-hitting bass
  • Dynamic Balance tuning controls the internal resonances
  • Sturdy design along with a superior feel
  • Great value
  • Comfortable & soft earcups


  • Low-grade noise isolation
  • Not good for portable use
  • Lack of excitement/presence in treble
  • No reliable boom mic
  • Better alternatives are available at this price point

Reviews Of Polk Audio Buckle Headphones

The Polk Audio Buckle headphone, the most contemporary over-ear headset, may sound like a return to the periods of our predecessors with its pilgrim music, but it is part of the brand’s Heritage Collection. However, this headphone is well-designed to match the present-day world.

The Buckle appears to visually live up to its name thanks to its worn leather sheath covering the headband, muted color pattern, and substantial slices of matte-finished metal. Recently, we embarked on our trip with the Buckle to test their effectiveness in both the practical world of modern music and outside the purview of aesthetics. So, let’s now know in detail about the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones in our review post:


Regrettably, there is no boom mic on this Polk Audio Buckle headphone. Consequently, if you enjoy video games, not having a microphone may make it difficult for you to communicate with others online. This was created exclusively with music fans in mind. It does, however, come with an in-line microphone. It is there on the connecting wire, the same as on traditional earphones.

A thick layer of cushioning wraps the black screens that hide the Buckle headphone’s 40mm active drivers inside each cup. The drivers’ claimed frequency range is an impressive 10Hz to 21.5kHz, as well as they have got a 24 Ohm level of resistance. As soon as it comes time for the performance section, keep that lowest boundary in mind. The Buckle’s integrated iOS control dials and mic are its most distinctive features.

Over-Ear Design

This Polk Audio Buckle headphone features a quality design that seems fragile, similar to other headphones in this price range. The first time we saw this aluminum headphone, we wondered if it was a high-end one. But, after using it, we realized how wrong we were. The headband is made of high-quality faux leather, which looked fantastic. Also, the premium foams in the earcups seemed to be of decent quality. Here, rotating joints are used to attach the earcups to the headband, giving it an antique appearance that is uncommon today.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones’ long-lasting construction, as well as strong gripping power, are clear signs of their heightened build quality, even though given all the equipment they need, they do err on the heavier side. Despite this, they are comfy, and even after listening for an hour, I am glad they are on my head. You are always in charge and can disconnect by closing the browser window at any time.


The Polk Audio Buckle Headphones are perfect and better than other headphones at this price point. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you buy them for an iOS device. If you are looking for stylish headphones for Android devices, then you should look for some other headphones. Polk emphasizes how adaptable their headphones are.

But I don’t think that’s the case. They work best when paired with Apple devices, especially iPads, and iPhones. Also, in case you try to utilize them with other Android devices, then you will likely face some unwanted technical issues. The connection between the headphones happens immediately. They have control and are quick to react, whether they are connected to an iPad or an iPhone. We realized that some of the components on the headsets do not work appropriately with Android devices; the buttons either completely react silently or do not react at all.

Sound Quality

We’ve finally reached our assessment of this Polk Audio Buckle’s audio quality. We’ll just say it’s quite good here. We utilized this for both gaming and music listening. It sounded good when listening to the music. We thought the bass and treble were quite well-balanced, which is good. This satisfied us even though we prefer a little more bass in our sound.

But, playing video games was also a pleasant experience here. We could hear opponent footsteps and bullets rather clearly because I primarily play shooting games. Also, it was vivid enough for us to discern the direction from where the sound was originating.


The Polk Audio Buckle holds up well to extended use thanks to the velvety softening cushion that runs the length of the ear cups. It means we felt that the pressure of the grasp was a little too great. We frequently felt the need for a little extra top padding during the lengthy hearing sessions.

The only issue we found with all these Polk Audio Buckle headphones was the lack of cushioning for extended listening. It caused a slight pain in the top of the skull after using them for around an hour. Since the support puts more strain on the top of the skull than it does on your ears, greater padding would have increased the customer’s appreciation of these headphones.

We also used them for gaming purposes with a headphone amp and you may believe but they’re comfortable for more than 10 hours of gaming and we have big ears and a big head. Overall, the Buckle Headphone appears to be comfortable and worth purchasing for listening to music.


This Polk Audio Buckle headphone is difficult to transport despite not folding because it is smaller and more compact than an over-ear type. If you don’t have a backpack, it probably won’t be one of the most practical headphones you can always carry with you because the cushions on the ears don’t even rest straight.

So, in case you are looking for a headphone that you can also carry with you wherever you go, then avoiding purchasing this Polk Audio Buckle headphone will be better for you. It will be better if you can find out and buy some other headphones that you can carry with you.


The Buckle’s meticulously designed sonic characteristic complements its look. The resonant frequency is heavily sculpted, with the treble sanded down to a dull, flat finish, and the bass as well as lower mid-range frequencies highlighted to produce a deep, chocolate-like color. But, the Buckle also provides considerable of power with no audible distortion, which is particularly noticeable in the far-flung edges of the stereo channels.

It’s not unexpected that the Buckle is paying close attention to the sound in the current Beats-dominated headphone industry. During our inspection, these features descended into the deep levels with some impressive authority. Nevertheless, the bass frequencies were managed well, with a complete yet strong response that obtained some welcome sincerity to electronic tracks and hip-hop.


This Polk Audio Buckle headphone performs at best above average for mixed usage. They have a high level of ease, an elegant design, and very little sound leakage. These are well-made headphones.

So, these Polk Audio Buckle headphones represent a satisfactory option for usage at work, since their audio quality is adequate for active listening. Unfortunately, because they don’t truly block out too much sound and aren’t portable, these won’t be the best headphones for exercising or traveling.

Hope our review of Polk Audio Buckle headphones was helpful to you!

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