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City gives $35,000 for sports and arts during 2023

City gives $35,000 for sports and arts during 2023


Residents and community groups obtained over $35,000 during 2018 through Pursuit of Excellence and Arts Development investment. “We are proud to help our game, arts, and subculture contributors inside the community through both Pursuit of Excellence and Arts Developing funding,” said Katie Biberdorf, Community Recreation Development supervisor, in a statement. “We look forward to having both individuals and groups constitute our metropolis on the provincial, countrywide and worldwide level.”

The Pursuit of Excellence funding offered $17,986 to ten individuals and sporting clubs in early December. A legacy of the 1995 Canada Winter Games, this fund assists athletes, coaches, and recreation agencies to obtain excellence, the city said.

Recipients protected the Grande Prairie Skating Club, Drew Rogers, Elizabeth Gustafson, Ian Stoby, Kieran Goldhawk, Luis Maria Martinez, Makena Pruden, Michael Dube, Sydney Kinderwater, and Zachary Malmsten.

The city additionally gave around $17,500 throughout the 12 months in the guise of neighborhood artists and companies worried inside the arts.


The funding turned into given thru Arts Development Festival, Individual Project, and Major Project Funding and Scholarships. It will visit the Festival of Carols, the Grande Prairie Children’s Festival, the Grande Prairie Regional College Choir, Sara E. Smith, Carrie Robins, Cameron White, and Sarah Card.

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City gives $35,000 for sports and arts during 2023 1


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