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7 Instances When Chinese Regulators Cracked The Whip On Internet/Media Firms

7 Instances When Chinese Regulators Cracked The Whip On Internet/Media Firms


China’s authoritarian and communist regime has in no way shied far away from controversies. So, while the Oriental state ordered a few net portals to close down their audio and video streaming services, fearing they convey inflammable political content material, it got here as no surprise.

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  • A host of Chinese internet stocks, which include Weibo Corp (ADR)
  • WB
  • Momo Inc (ADR)
  • MOMO
  • Phoenix New Media Ltd ADR
  • FENG
  • and YY Inc (ADR)
  • YY
  • swooned in response to the development.
  • SINA Corp
  • SINA
  • , which has a stake in Weibo, also tumbled.

Weibo confirmed that the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television of the People’s Republic of China or SAPPRFT had ordered the nearby government to drop some internet companies’ audio and video services.


This has been done under the pretext of those organizations no longer possessing the desired license for transmitting audio/video at the Web and posting sure remark applications. According to Reuters, the authorities claimed the political content carried by the websites violates nation guidelines, and social remarks incited poor opinions.

This Reuters report quoted a SAPPRFT statement, which said, “This will offer a smooth and clear net space for the huge range of the online person.”

The organizations named by SAPPRFT encompass Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter Inc.
TWTR, Phoenix New Media, and video-sharing website AcFun.

Even because the information wreaks havoc on the Chinese internet area, Benzinga looked at times inside the past, when China played spoilsport for a few tech/media groups, both homegrown and alien.


1. Google/Facebook Trip Over Chinese Firewall

Alphabet Inc GOOGLE GOOG

The customer going through search engine became shut down in China in 2009, whilst China blocked Facebook Inc FB in 2010. China claims that these organizations display scant recognition to Chinese legal guidelines. If these businesses need to gain a foothold within the money-making Chinese market, they may comply with the censorship regulations laid down by using the authorities and assist in delivering to e-book folks who are perceived as threats to the nation.

2. Apple Plays It Safe

Apple Inc. AAPL, which has a big patron base in China, failed to assume it profitable to risk its business possibilities in China. In January this 12 months, the company eliminated the New York Times Co.
NYT, the app from its app, keeps in China.

3. Economist And Times Join The Banned

China delivered the Economist and Times to its banned listing in April 2016 after these guides carried cover testimonies on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s developing clout. Apart from their websites, mobile programs that allow downloading of these magazines have been additionally censored.

4. Noose Around The News

In May 2016, China took to task Chinese online news portals for disseminating original information and facts in violation of a 2005 internet regulation. These online media have enamored themselves to internet customers through their bold and unique reporting on several arguably problems such as commercial pollution and tainted milk powder. The move came to a yr beforehand of a conclave of Communist celebration leaders held as soon as in 5 years to pick a new set of officials.

5. Banning As A Matter Of Pride

These days, Google’s AlphaGo, AI PC software that plays the board sport Go, edged out World Number One Ke Jie in the first of a sequence of 3 video games. China issued a diktat to online publishers and broadcasters now not to Livestream the game.

6. Entertainment News Isn’t Spared Either

Celebrity gossip, which is supposed to be the life aid of entertainment news, had its life snuffed out later when the Beijing bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of China instructed net companies to assist sell center socialist values and refrain from asking sensational juicy celeb gossips, which it stated is a danger to social order.

7. Trump At The Receiving End

Even as an intimidating discern as U.S. President Donald Trump couldn’t deter China from censoring his inauguration. Piqued using Trump’s threats to renegotiate the alternate phrases with it, China issued strict orders to media shops no longer to hold any live streaming audio/video of the inauguration and rather requested them to restrict their insurance to the content generated with the aid of the national media, in line with the Financial Times.

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