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Google Android One devices reassured to receive guaranteed OS updates for 2 years


Google Android One devices reassured to receive guaranteed OS updates for 2 years


Handsets that belong to Android One application from Google come preloaded with a stock version of the modern-day Android OS. The Android One program was launched in 2014 and this year, it was revived with the creation of more modern smartphones. In February, seek engine tech giant showed that Android One gadgets will experience quicker get admission to Android OS for 2 years and everyday protection updates for three years. However, a Reddit user recently noticed that the text which assured two years of OS updates was removed from the authentic website of Android One. The elimination of the text brought on an uproar among Android enthusiasts since the seek engine large did no longer release a respectable declaration on it. After a couple of websites suggested on it, a Google spokesperson spoke with India Today Tech guide to verify that it’ll preserve to maintain its promise of promising OS updates for two years for Android One devices.

The authentic text on the Android One internet site examine as follows: With Android One, your telephone will get hold of as a minimum year of OS improvements to the cutting-edge model of Android. That approach access to the contemporary improvements and a phone that continually runs as easily because the day to procure it. However, the website now simplest states that Google could be releasing 3 years of normal security updates for Android One devices.

Here is the official declaration from the Google spokesperson, “We verify that our promise to offer 2 years of updates on Android One devices nonetheless stands and our website design does not affect the promise of this application.”Image result for Google Android One devices reassured to receive guaranteed OS updates for 2 years

Building a wireless network in home or SOHO (Small Office Home Office) isn’t a totally tough undertaking to do these days, even though by means of someone without pc networking experience. With DSL wi-fi modem, you may build a wi-fi network in the home without difficulty and securely.

For in most cases humans with none computer community know-how, building the wi-fi community in domestic is even something that they in no way believe before. However, if they realize all the necessities to construct a wi-fi community may be replaced by a single all-in-one DSL wi-fi modem, technical complexities of pc networking, connection, and configuration can be minimized as small as viable.

One of the plain motives to build a wireless network in domestic today is to the percentage the broadband net connection with many computers in the household. Besides, with the wireless community in domestic you may browse the internet with your pc on the pool facet, with your Wi-Fi telephone or Skype phone – you could make a few net calls everywhere in the residence without the want of turning-on the pc, or you may pass live recreation together with your XBOX console inside the comfort of your dwelling room without the litter of the wires. All the necessities you need to build an easy wireless network in domestic or SOHO is an unmarried all-in-one DSL wi-fi modem. What are simply the requirements to construct a wi-fi network in the home?

Firstly, you want a DSL modem. A modem is a virtual to analogue signal converter and vice versa and is an interface tool between the subscriber premises and the neighbourhood Telco or the ISP. Generally while you signup for broadband net services, the ISP offers you a modem which is linked immediately to an unmarried pc using a USB connection or Ethernet connection. A DSL wi-fi modem consists of a built-in DSL modem – the primary requirements you want.

Secondly, you need a router or firewall. A router or firewall protects your private inner network from public networks (the internet) in opposition to any styles of the threats. Typically domestic routers are powered by way of the dual-firewall characteristic – NAT and SPI. Network address translation (NAT) facilitates you conceal the non-public network from the public network, at the same time as the stateful packets inspection (SPI) inspects the incoming packets exactly and punctiliously against any false wonderful packets. A DSL wi-fi modem consists of the feature of twin-firewall – the second one necessities you need.Image result for Google Android One devices reassured to receive guaranteed OS updates for 2 years

Thirdly, you need a wireless get admission to factor. All wireless devices speak with the wi-fi community infrastructure the use of the wi-fi access point. Access point bridges community devices within the wireless community with the community devices inside the wired community. Wireless get right of entry to points expand your network wirelessly inside the wi-fi insurance. A DSL wi-fi modem consists of the characteristic of the wireless get right of entry to factor – the 0.33 requirements you want.

Lastly, you need a LAN Switch so one can interface the wireless access point to the stressed network. Typically the DSL wi-fi modem consists of a 4-port LAN Switch. With those Ethernet ports, you may additionally join the computers without delay the use of the UTP LAN cable; and join the Ethernet print server to share the printer at the community. The current merchandise shipped with the 10/a hundred/1,000 Mbps Gigabit port – with auto-sensing Ethernet port. With vehicle-sensing LAN port, you do not need to fear approximately the cable type used, either cross UTP cable or instantly-through cable – the device will hit upon the cable kind used and modify the gadget mechanically.

Typical DSL wireless modem includes the above four features, a DSL modem, a router/firewall, a wi-fi get admission to point, and a Switch LAN. By purchasing this single all-in-one device – the DSL wi-fi modem; you could build a simple wi-fi community in home or SOHO without problems and securely. You do now not need to buy separate devices to lessen the complexity of the connection, the configuration, and the placing of the wi-fi network.

Network Setup and Connection

Since DSL wi-fi modem is an unmarried tool – an unmarried solution in building the wi-fi network, the connection and configuration are easy. By default, with a single connection to the DSL line – the wireless community could be useful. Off direction, with the default setting – no protection encryption is implemented to the wireless connection. The security feature isn’t enabled by way of default.


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