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Facelifted SsangYong Tivoli Getting Mild Visual Updates, Better Tech

SsangYong is currently checking out a facelifted model of their Tivoli SUV, with lately noticed prototypes carrying camouflage at the front and on the rear, plus a touch something for the interior as nicely.

Once the updated crossover is unveiled, someday next yr, we anticipate adjustments to consist of a mildly revised the front give up with new headlights, a brand new grille and restyled bumpers, but also new taillight photographs at the rear and some sparkling interior trim and tech.

Are any modifications seen?

They definitely are. For example, we can see that in comparison to the present day Tivoli, this camouflaged prototype is sporting slightly distinct headlights and some sort of insert for the radiator grille. The spoiler seems to be shaped in another way as properly, at the same time as at the back, we can see barely sharper portraits for the hind lights.

Since the South Korean automaker additionally determined to cover up the dashboard, we expect that similarly aesthetic modifications will take area inner, wherein we ought to maybe see new trim pieces, improved materials and perhaps even a few upgraded tech.

Right now, the Tivoli is available with multiple active protection systems which include Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, High Beam Assistance and Traffic Sign Recognition. You can also get keyless begin, a reversing digicam, cruise manages, a 7-inch touchscreen, sat-nav and twin-area aircon.

As for its 128 PS (126 HP) 1.6-liter Euro 6 petrol unit, rumour has it that it is able to be replaced by a smaller 1.2-litre turbocharged engine, becoming a member of the only to be had the diesel option.

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Social Media ToolsImage result for Facelifted SsangYong Tivoli Getting Mild Visual Updates, Better Tech

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